Takaya Imamura the designer of Tingle has now retired from Nintendo

Prestigious Nintendo video game designer, Takaya Imamura, who has worked on key Nintendo franchises such as F-Zero, Star Fox, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, has announced via Facebook that he has decided to retire from the Kyoto-based company. Mr. Imamura is possibly best known as the designer of the flamboyant The Legend of Zelda character, Tingle. Mr. Imamura originally joined Nintendo in 1989 as a graphic designer. Here’s what he said:

“This is my last day going to work. I took a selfie with the empty office. I guess I won’t be coming in here anymore. As you’d expect, I’ll miss it.”

Takaya Imamura

With his pointy ears and green suit, one might mistake Tingle for a forest fairy. He’s not actually a fairy (much to his dismay). But he is good at making maps, and that seems to be good enough for Link.




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