Pokemon smartphone

Pokemon GO updated on iOS and Android devices

The hit mobile game Pokemon GO has been updated for both iOS and Android devices today. The update brings the iOS version of the game to Version 1.163.1 and the Android version to Version 0.197.1. Pokemon GO is available now on both iOS and Android and is free to play. Read on below for the official patch notes:

  • Celebrate different regions of the Pokémon world in January as we count down to Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto!
  • A new year means new challenges, and in that spirit we’re introducing a new feature – Collection Challenges! These challenges provide a handy guide to catching Pokémon featured during in-game events.
  • You can now search your collection for Pokémon powered up with Candy XL.
  • We’ve made improvements to Egg storage and Pokémon tagging.


  1. We don’t like Avery on pokemon shield. We want to kiss Klara. We will skip pokemon episodes that contain Avery. We will dislike Avery on pokemon masters even if he is voiced by a decent voice actor like Daisuke Ono, J. Michael Tatum, Ian Sinclair, Masakazu Morita, or Doug Erholtz. We wanted Klara on both sword and shield.


    1. @KlaraIsBetterThanAvery All the version exclusive trainers in gen 8 should have both appeared in the Galarian star tournament. A block option would have been nice too so some of our least favorite characters could have been avoided in post game Wyndon rematches.


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