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All Pokemon announced for New Pokemon Snap on Switch so far

The official website for the upcoming New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch system has confirmed that over 200 Pokemon will be available to snap in the highly anticipated game. While the full list has yet to be revealed, here are the Pokemon which have been announced or shown off in promotional footage that have been released by The Pokemon Company. So far we’ve seen 65 species of Pokemon in the forthcoming game and for comparison the original Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64 contained 63 Pokemon from the series’ first generation. New Pokemon Snap launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on the 30th April.

Generation I

  1. Squirtle
  2. Blastoise
  3. Pidgeot
  4. Pikachu
  5. Raichu (Alolan)
  6. Machamp
  7. Dodrio
  8. Onix
  9. Exeggutor
  10. Pinsir
  11. Magikarp
  12. Lapras

Generation II

  1. Meganium
  2. Hoothoot
  3. Pichu
  4. Bellossom
  5. Aipom
  6. Wooper
  7. Quagsire
  8. Heracross
  9. Octillery
  10. Mantine

Generation III

  1. Torchic
  2. Wurmple
  3. Beautifly
  4. Shiftry
  5. Taillow
  6. Wingull
  7. Pelipper
  8. Slaking
  9. Sharpedo
  10. Wailord
  11. Trapinch
  12. Zangoose
  13. Seviper

Generation IV

  1. Torterra
  2. Starly
  3. Bidoof
  4. Drifblim
  5. Hippowdon
  6. Skorupi
  7. Finneon
  8. Tangrowth
  9. Yanmega

Generation V

  1. Liepard
  2. Swanna
  3. Deerling
  4. Sawsbuck
  5. Emolga
  6. Stunfisk
  7. Bouffalant
  8. Mandibuzz

Generation VI

  1. Vivillon
  2. Florges
  3. Heliolisk

Generation VII

  1. Primarina
  2. Pikipek
  3. Toucannon
  4. Crabrawler
  5. Bounsweet
  6. Comfey
  7. Pyukumuku

Generation VIII

  1. Grookey
  2. Scorbunny
  3. Sobble


14 thoughts on “All Pokemon announced for New Pokemon Snap on Switch so far”

  1. I’m glad there won’t be a lot of humans. I won’t have to deal with annoying characters like Hop and Avery.

    1. +MarriagePoop47
      For fudge sake dood, is that all you go on about? We get it, you hate these characters, stop telling us this every time.

    2. @MarriagePoop47 I do have some bad news for you. Hop and Avery made it on a top 15 favorite characters list in a Nintendo dream magazine getting 3rd and 10th place respectively. You’ll miss out on potential waifus because Japan wants more trash rivals like them.

  2. Would like to have seen some type of pokemon photographer story. From what I’ve seen it looks like you just pick a stage and take pictures, which wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t on-rails. Idk doesn’t look like enough to warrant a $60 purchase for me at least.

      1. If the game has no story but has a huge amount of Pokemon and stages, I’d forgive the lack of story.
        But if it’s only like 200 Pokemon with 10 stages and no story, yeah I ain’t buying it.

        1. Now that you mention it, if the NFS:MW remake added more guys to race & beat, I’d have forgiven it’s lack of story. But instead they cut the racers to beat DOWN to 10 instead of up to 20-25 whereas the original only had 15.

  3. Am I expecting this to have all 900+ Pokemon present? No, not exactly. Not in a spinoff game, and *certainly* not after the garbage experience that was Sword and Shield.

    As long as they include more true fan favorites and the environments don’t look like they were copy/pasted from a PS1 game, Snap 2 will already be ahead of SW/SH. I expect *actual* effort from them this time if they want to keep me as a repeat customer.

    1. +The Man of Brisk
      Just to point out; Gamefreak isn’t making this game, it’s being made by Bandai Namco whom are far more competent than those guys.

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