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Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor has retired from the series (SEGA releases statement)

Update: SEGA provides a statement:

After an immense ten years the voice actor for the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog has announced that he has retired from the long-running franchise. Roger Craig Smith announced the news himself on Twitter to the surprise of fans. The Sonic series is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, so it’s not the best time for a step down of the role of the main character. We will have to wait and see who replaces Roger Craig Smith as the voice of Sonic.

Thanks to sonicgalaxy27 for the news tip!

24 thoughts on “Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor has retired from the series (SEGA releases statement)”

  1. Gotta say, while I loved his Sonic in the comedy department, his serious Sonic was just plain not good. One part in Forces stuck out to me real bad when Sonic says “what have you done?” to either Eggman or Infinite, and it just sounded like Sonic was a big grumpy cat.

    Roger’s Sonic is funny though, no one can deny that. Just look at the Sonic Boom cartoon for that. Great show. I’m excited to see who will take Roger’s place, and I wish Roger well in future endeavors

  2. 10 long years was a great ride for Sonic fans. This guy was the reason for us loving Sonic even more since his voice acting debut of voicing Sonic since Sonic Colors. We don’t know who will be the new voice actor for Sonic in the long running series witch is still unknown. But, i will wish him the best for his other future roles.

  3. This means Sonic will get new lines in the Next Smash game. Maybe will get “your too slow” back. Though Sega has the team use lines from the actual games, so it’s dependent on what he says in the next Sonic game.

    1. Assuming Sonic is going to be in the next Smash game. Can’t we have one Smash bros with Mega Man and not Sonic? Sonic has had it too good for too long.

    2. Something tells me the next Smash game is going to be Ultimate Deluxe with new features. The roster is just too huge for a sequel to not feel like a downgrade or overwork Sakurai to death.

  4. When the title says “Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor”, I never thought it was Sonic himself. I guess Smith just didn’t have what it took to read and perform a script from anything resembling the Adventure era.

    From Colors to TSR, Smith has always portrayed Sonic as some smug, comedic, millennial fool, just to piss off the supporting cast to snap at him, and anyone who’s ever owned a Dreamcast/GameCube in the early 2000’s.

    And yet not a damn thing was announced since Team Sonic Racing.

    But so help me, if SEGA retools the blue hedgehog’s character to match whoever they hire to replace him, I’ll just have to flip them the bird and ignore that actor altogether. What CAN I do at this point?

    Or I can continue to live in a sub-reality where a bulk of the games after Sonic Advance 2 are better made/written, while other games just don’t exist. I just want to fix this franchise so FUCKING badly, but their are no opportunities for me to try other than social media (Twitter) and trying to track down their office phone number/Iizuka’s e-mail address (with the aid of Google translate because I have zero knowledge on how to speak Japanese, let alone “business”).

    But seriously: PLEASE, PLEASE rehire Ryan Drummond, the guy who previous auditioned to be Sonic again, even after you sack the entire cast for the 4Kids voice actors! And no, Ben Schwarz (Dewey Duck) is not a good fit for the core franchise (outside of the Sonic films).

    1. Ryan Drummond can’t do the voice anymore. He’s physically incapable. Listen to Sonic and Tails R, the new show he’s doing with Emi Jones and Mike Pollock. He doesn’t sound like Sonic, he sounds like a man doing an impression of Sonic. The franchise has moved on. The series doesn’t have to be the same as 20 years ago to be good.

      1. I’m sorry, but no! It HAS to

        The only other person who could possible do SEGA Sonic is Max Mittleman. I had my skepticism at first because I only knew him as Saitama, but Sam Procrastinates made it clear to everyone.

        The last thing I will stand for is the entire franchise (most notably, the video games) becoming more like the movie or the comics written by Flynn.

        while those things are passable on their own, they also don’t interfere or conflict with the video game brand. Altering Sonic’s world and character to match those is crossing the line.

        And no one in their right mind wants the Boom cartoon to overtake the brand, so no to that too.

        The games can be good again if we carefully take into account every last thing that worked from the Dreamcast era and WHY they worked.

        I can tell right now, it was never (and still isn’t) nostalgia alone (or else no one would complain about GHZ in nearly every single modern game).

        Ever since this stupid pandemic (hell, earlier than that), I’ve been working on rewriting fixing every game after Sonic Adventure 2, on paper, since I don’t have the skill or the resources to manually fixing each title and give those to SEGA to release commercially.

        I already managed to fix Shadow the Hedgehog’s campaign structure, and I’m already making good progress fixing Sonic Rivals 1 & 2, as well as Silver’s character and any connection he allegedly has to Blaze.

        That may not mean shit to you, but it keeps me going when I have little options on how to put up with whatever’s left of this franchise.

        Hell, there are people on YouTube who do a better job than me in critically analyzing each Sonic game, so it IS possible.

        BTW, maybe it’s YOU who sees Drummond as “washed up”, and not everyone else.

  5. Looks like we’re going to be in a new era starting with the next Sonic game, whenever that is. I doubt it will be a good one.

  6. I do hate big the cat and Omochao but I want all the gamecube sonic games ported to Nintendo switch as digital downloads in North America.

  7. I wonder if they’ll hold auditions to be Sonic’s new VA. I’d certainly be interested in giving it a try- doing voiceover work for games/television/cartoons is the big thing I want to do, after all.

  8. I’m hoping this means we’ll get new writers and a different type of gameplay as well since both have worn out their welcome. Love or hate the Adventure games, they knew how to change the tone when necessary.

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