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Nintendo canceled a Zelda Netflix series & a Star Fox claymation project after the former leaked

Nintendo is known to have very strange company policies, and this seems to be no exception. According to US comedian Adam Conover on The Serf Times podcast and later relayed by Eurogamer, Nintendo had canceled multiple projects after one of them, a live-action Zelda series for Netflix, had leaked.

Not only did Nintendo cancel the Zelda Netflix series, but they also canceled a Star Fox claymation collaboration project with CollegeHumour that had been in the works around the same time. Nintendo never acknowledged either project actually happening. In fact, 2 weeks after the Zelda Netflix leak happened, Nintendo said that the reports of the leak had been incorrect.

But Adam Conover said that “suddenly there were reports Netflix wasn’t going to do its Legend of Zelda anymore. I was like ‘what happened?’ And then I heard from my boss we weren’t doing our Star Fox anymore. I was like ‘what happened?’. He was like, ‘someone at Netflix leaked the Legend of Zelda thing, they weren’t supposed to talk about it, Nintendo freaked out… and they pulled the plug on everything, the entire programme to adapt these things”.


29 thoughts on “Nintendo canceled a Zelda Netflix series & a Star Fox claymation project after the former leaked”

  1. Well i guess some of them are not meant to be produce by Nintendo after they are against leakers for showing some stuff that Nintendo is keeping secret to surprise fans but, It seems like both series is not gonna happen anytime soon. Yeah, Nintendo do have strange policies like, leak content and fan games projects or animation.

  2. So just punish the leaker, not the leagues of fans (including myself) who would very much love to see these things come to fruition. Would they have cancelled Age of Calamity if that leaked? If details about BotW2 leak, they gonna cancel that as well?

      1. I dunno, Nintendo has made a lot of unsavory choices within the past year, like the timed-exclusivity on digital copies of Mario 3D All-Stars and the original NES Fire Emblem and still not actually addressing Joy-Con drift. Sadly, as it stands now, I can’t put a petty course of action like this past them.

    1. They wouldn’t be making the shows that’s just liscensed out making it easier to cancel especially if its in early development. They couldn’t trust netflix it looks like. A game they are make means like vote sequel is a lot of work that they would have put in of course they wouldn’t cancel the game unless it was bad.
      Also maybe since it was very early in development people were like we don’t want live actions out that we want animated Zelda and they pull the plug.

  3. Like if we can’t keep a secret then it shall never happen. Muwhahahaha.

    I mean I like things to not get spoiled but with the internet that’s very hard to come by nowadays.

  4. This is too “I heard from a friend who heard from a friend who heard from a friend” to be concrete evidence. It could be they where in discussion for it and just decided no in the end and the discussion leaking was just coincidental. Plus, some business people will refuse to admit they couldn’t secure a deal, so they’ll use stuff such as a leak as a scapegoat to why a project didn’t go through.

  5. Yea idk why Adam Conover would lie about this story. He isn’t some internet personality trying to make a name for himself. Could be false, but I’m leaning towards true. Either way, goddamnit. People who spoil stuff, and Nintendo, grow up. Sure, I am going to buy a BK kids meal for a Mario toy, but they still need to grow up.

  6. Yeah, I totally believe this random comedian I’ve never heard of. Surely he’s got all the correct, inside information. He’s so trustworthy that he even didn’t have to sign a NDA apparently.

  7. Thank you who ever fucked it up for all of us I wanted an animated Star Fox and CGI or Live Zelda set in a different time line from any of the games but I guess not in my lifetime, now it may never happen.

  8. Good riddance!
    Don’t want Soycialist Netflix coming remotely near what’s left in this fallen world for me to appreciate. Nintendo is the absolute last company to go ’woke’.

    So, good f***ing riddance!

  9. I’m not really that bothered about the live action Zelda, as that had a pretty high chance of being awful, but it’s a shame the Starfox claymation never happened as that sounds charming

  10. Yeah…. This is no where near possibly true. They’ve said a million times they aren’t making any Zelda tv shows or movies. A leak wouldn’t stop it anyway. This is just like the time we have a “trailer” for a Zelda movie that EVERYONE reported on and then it turned out to be a fan made film school project or whatever.

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