Sonic Prime is set in Sonic Team’s game universe and possible SEGA crossovers not ruled out

Netflix recently confirmed a new Sonic the Hedgehog animated series titled Sonic Prime which is set to debut on the popular streaming service in 2022. One of the writers of the upcoming project is Duncan Rouleau who confirmed a couple of things on Twitter. Mr. Rouleau revealed that like the IDW comics, Sonic Prime will be set in the video game universe created by the Sonic Team. He also mentioned that he’s not averse to seeing a few SEGA crossovers happen.



  1. so pretty much the blue blur might run into a certain group of stand-wielding teens or a promiscuous dark gunslinging witch then?

        1. I mean, Smash 4 and Ultimate are E10+. I don’t think they’d have to be too crazy with censorship

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