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Japan: Analyst claims Nintendo has practically eradicated PlayStation

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If you follow the Famitsu sales charts published each Thursday on the site you will know that Nintendo has been dominating in the land of the rising sun. Analyst Hideki Yasuda of Ace Research Institute says that ninety-nine percent of all video game software sales in 2021 in Japan have been for the Nintendo Switch and has come to the inclusion that “Nintendo has practically eradicated PlayStation. It is unfortunate, but as I have pointed out before, the decline of the PlayStation brand in Japan has become a well-known fact.”


14 thoughts on “Japan: Analyst claims Nintendo has practically eradicated PlayStation”

    1. The Nintendo Switch is a home console and handheld hybrid. Let me even add this Nintendo controls the console and handheld divisions of Japan, with the Switch original revision and the lite is the handheld. It is actually genius of Nintendo. They are running the handheld and home console market in broad daylight and the night time; evening too. This is great for gaming.


      1. A Monopoly in any market is never “great” no matter how much you like the company. It’s good news for Nintendo, but this is also the sort of thing that leads to textbook laziness and mediocrity when you have virtually zero mediocrity. Competition breeds innovation and quality.

      2. Not really. First off, they have treated their first-party games like actual consoles. The actual game console is still selling out, but gamers will eventually retire the Switch and move out to something else just like with the Nintendo Wii.

        Nobody knows when Breath of the Wild 2 may come out. There isn’t a full Mario Kart game to originate on the Nintendo Switch. They are not bothering to add N64/GameCube Games as part of their online service.

  1. I hate Microsofts direction with console hardware so hopefully sony can at least do better then them in the rest of the world

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