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Prince of Persia Remake delayed again

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Prince of Persia Remake, which was showcased back in September last year, has been delayed once again. The debut showing of the remake frustrated a number of long term fans of the prince with its unusual vintage visual style. While the Prince of Persia Remake hasn’t been officially confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, it has been listed by a number of retailers and also appeared on Ubisoft’s official website.

5 thoughts on “Prince of Persia Remake delayed again”

      1. There’s far more examples of games getting delayed and coming out better than ones that are delayed and come out broken. Hopefully for fans this is not a Cyberpunk situation.

  1. Why don’t they use the dagger? They have a dagger that can bend time but they can’t hit their schedule? I think they’d be on schedule if they used the sands of time dagger to fix mistakes and whatnot, seems like a no brainer to me.

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