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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury street date broken, game has leaked online

It appears as though the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive title Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury has been released early when the game isn’t due to officially release next week. Heading over to Twitch (we wouldn’t suggest you do so yourself to avoid spoilers!) and you’ll see there are a number of players streaming the Bowser’s Fury content. The same thread on ResetEra, first started by user SinCityAssassin where the news broke, also reveals that the game was ‘dumped’ and made available online, hence the access to the game to stream on Twitch. It’s hardly surprising that this has happened, but it’s still a shame to see – especially as navigating around social media to avoid spoilers isn’t the easiest task to undertake.

In related news, some spoiler-free info has surfaced thanks to OatmealDome over on Twitter which you can see below. They highlight when the last build was made, who the port was made in collaboration with and more. Further down the thread, it’s pointed out that Nintendo has apparently left the debug data in and forgotten to remove it – akin to what happened with 3D All-Stars.

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10 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury street date broken, game has leaked online”

  1. Street date was broken about 2 days ago, I honestly hate that this is so common with videogames nowadays, their are already walkthroughs and playthroughs on bowser fury but I have been able to avoid it, honestly so sad that people have to hide under the radar in order to avoid spoiler.

    1. Same here. Its bad enough that people have to avoid spoilers now and days because of this stupid street date is broken and now some popular people and streamers have already uploading the bowser fury playthroughs on there accounts. But, don’t worry, karma will get them.

  2. These people are dumb. When you get a game early, you don’t go online or stream it. I mean…. Wasn’t there a recent Switch game that people got in trouble streaming on twitch just because timezones exist?

    1. Yeah, Age of Calamity was leaked and everyone who streamed it got banned until it was officially released. It’s sad cause it makes them look desperate to be that “first”. Humans are just stupidly impatient nowadays.

  3. I watched the entire Bowser’s Fury stream. Spoiler Alert! – Nothing was spoiled. Turns out it’s one large platforming area, you fight a big furious Bowser, and Nintendo is questionably a little too into cats. There really wasn’t anything substantial to be spoiled. If you watched the recent footage released by Nintendo themselves, you’ve seen it all.

    I don’t think it warrants the full price they’re charging, but…. Nintendo. Seems like a couple hours, maybe 5hrs max to 100% if you never played a Mario game.

    I feel bad for the Wii U loyalists that aren’t getting too much new exciting Switch content this generation around. It’s gotta hurt.

    Also, where’s Mario Kart 9??!

    1. I owned a Wii U, and the Switch has had far more original content than the U did. Idk where that idea comes from – that the Switch doesn’t have many new games. Confuses me to no end. 2020 was pretty slow (for every platform) but every other year was great for the Switch. This year is already off to a great start – Mario, Bravely 2, Ghosts and Goblins, Monster Hunter, and Pokemon Snap. 4 of those are brand new games, by the way. With the Wii U, there were constant droughts every year. Night and day difference. Switch has been way more fun, with wayyyyyy more content. The only thing that was better with Wii U was the virtual console selection. That’s about it. I don’t feel burned by the Switch at all – quite the opposite.

      1. I feel like people forget the only reason wii u had less games was because gamepad was either hard or barely implement in most games, plus nintendo has a whole line of bangers that released on the switch

  4. Mario has great characters like Toadette, Yoshi and Harriet. They are way better than bottom tier characters like Omochao, Classic sonic and Big the cat.

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