Rumour: Nintendo documentary series to air on 1st March via streaming service Crackle

According to website Deadline, the free, ad-supported streaming platform Crackle will be premiering a Nintendo documentary series titled ‘Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story’ on 1st March this year. It’s reportedly going to be a five-part series with the likes of former Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aimé and Xbox’s Phil Spencer making an appearance. According to details obtained by Deadline, it’s written and directed by Jeremy Snead and narrated by Sean Astin who both worked on Video Games: The Movie. ‘Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story’ will show a decade of Nintendo’s history with the project being filmed over four years.

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  1. Nice. Wasn’t there a Netflix documentary that came out a few months ago? It had one episode that focuses on Nintendo iirc

    It’s called High Score.

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