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Star Wars: Republic Commando reportedly uploaded to Nintendo servers

Publishing studio Aspyr has brought a number of classic Star Wars titles to the Nintendo Switch and it seems that the next one will be the well-received Star Wars: Republic Commando. The well known data miner NWPlayer123 noticed that the game has just been uploaded to Nintendo’s servers for release on the Nintendo Switch system. The classic 2005 Star Wars title is a first-person shooter which was originally released on the Xbox and PC and is also available on mobile platforms. Hopefully Aspyr Media will confirm the Switch release soon!

3 thoughts on “Star Wars: Republic Commando reportedly uploaded to Nintendo servers”

      1. The nostalgia around the Big Duke and the Phatbox is real haha. This game was such a big fuzz back here in Norway I remember. It was in every newspaper and game magazine had pages on the game’s “darker tone” etc.

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