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Nintendo introduces free ‘Nintendo Switch Concierge’ service

Nintendo has released a new service called the Nintendo Switch Concierge that will allow consumers to book a 30-minute time slot with a Nintendo representative to get help with setting up their new console, learn about security and more. The free service is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis and the topics to choose from range from ‘What to Play Next’ to ‘Customisation’. Head over to the Concierge website here to choose your topic and book your time slot.

Nintendo Switch Concierge is a new, no cost pilot program for new Nintendo Switch™ system owners. Participate in a virtual one-on-one meeting with a Nintendo representative to ask questions, get answers, and learn more about everything your Nintendo Switch system has to offer!

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15 thoughts on “Nintendo introduces free ‘Nintendo Switch Concierge’ service”

  1. You know, last I remember, these things come with a mysterious papery bundle known as a “manual” that, you know, shows you how to do things with words and pictures.

    1. Seems like a silly thing to say. Maybe it’s easier for some people to learn by talking. Maybe some don’t have time to read and flip through an entire manual. I’m sure I won’t use the service but to think someone is dumb for doing so is judgmental and ridiculous. People have different skill levels and some people need/want more help.

  2. Nintendo used to have a phone call center for help playing through games in the 90’s. Concierge sounds like a relaunch of that.

    If it helps the people out then why not is wt I say.

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  4. Yea I have memories of calling the Nintendo hotline with questions about my Gameboy games like Mole Mania or James Bond. I called someone on the phone and they helped me through a hard or confusing part of a Gameboy game, that happened. I wonder who I talked to as a kid, I remember it being a pleasant experience so whoever helped me with my Pokemon Blue questions, thank you.

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  7. It’s gonna be the same braindead morons they have in their customer service. Basically these people will just read the manual for you.

  8. In my experience calling nintendo a good few times before, for various different things, they always genuinely seemed to try to help to the best of their abilities. Several of the people I talked to gave off a genuine feeling of wanting to help, and I’ve never experienced that level of quality with any other company I’ve called.

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