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Nintendo reiterates that certain Mario products will be withdrawn from sale at the end of March

Nintendo has reconfirmed on their Twitter account this morning that they will be withdrawing Mario’s 35th Anniversary products at the end of the month. This includes the wonderful collection which is Super Mario 3D-All-Stars and the Mario battle royale game Super Mario 35 and the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. This means that the products will be pulled from the Nintendo Switch eShop and from retailers on 31st March.


14 thoughts on “Nintendo reiterates that certain Mario products will be withdrawn from sale at the end of March”

    1. Watch them sell it again sometime later this year or even later and call it a limited time offer or something

  1. Amazing.

    They announce this shit way back in Summer 2020, stay silent about it, announce several other announcements, then reconfirm this BS as if no shits were given in the last few months.

    As far as about SMB35, the thing it’s good for is platinum points (more like silver points), which aren’t worth much outside of the zipper case, the Cat Mario keychain, and maybe the notebook.

    As for their little compilation, I already own all three games, plus SMG2. But I feel sorry for those born after the Wii U era.

  2. I don’t see a problem. There are a buttload of copies of 3D All-Stars and those Mario Bros G&Ws at walmart… And it’s been like that since their release. I think everyone who wanted one definitely got one by now.

    I can’t speak for the weirdos who buy 2 (1 opened, 1 collecting dust)

  3. I completely forgot about this until now, ngl. I had refused to get the Mario collection after they pulled this stunt. Nonetheless, I’m good. You can keep your HD Mario remasters. I’ve been busy with the Yakuza Collection. Remasters actually deserving of your money, anyways.

  4. Don’t forget the NES Fire Emblem game is also getting pulled from the eShop at the same date.

    Also the online support for Super Mario Maker (Wii U) is getting partially discounted and the bookmark website will be terminated that same date as well.

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