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Nintendo president believes that every single year is a “do or die situation” for the company

Recently Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke to Nikkei Business about the state of the company and its immensely popular Switch system. In the interview Mr. Furukawa said that he always feels a sense of crisis about the Kyoto-based company despite the company being on top form at the moment and easily outselling its competitors. He believes that the company can not be complacent and therefore Nintendo must give its customers fresh new surprises to continuously keep them wowed and surprised.

“Currently, the Switch’s sales are exceedingly favorable and achievements are also good, but I have zero peace of mind,” he said. “Not matter the hits, in the entertainment business, people someday do lose interest. Up until now, we have repeatedly had the experience of our business taking a nosedive.”

“Because of this, I myself as well as those within the company do not at all think the current state of affairs will keep going and going.” For Furukawa, he believes that every single year is a “do or die situation.”

“You must give new customers fresh surprises, and our existence can slip into obscurity at any time. I always have this kind of sense of crisis.”

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    1. Doubtful. I’d say if anything, the PC market is shrinking constantly. Casual gamers just care more about convenience than raw power, so they prefer to play either on mobile or on consoles. PC gamins is really something that only hardcore gamers have a strong interest in.

    2. Its already here lol.

      Even Sony is now considering more Ports of their games to Steam for added revenue options.

      It’s like the Final Fantasy 7 remake, I have no interest in purchasing a PS12 to get it, but if it comes to Steam? I’ll pay full price for that bad boy.

  1. Well, the company is full of surprises for what they are developing for there customers. I mean, Nintendo Switch has strike a massive success witch making the company the world richest company in Japan. I hope Nintendo know what’s best for their customers in the future. Some people get bored on everything else and wanted something new for a change.

    1. “the world richest company in Japan”. I like that. What about “The Switch is the best selling console of all time since 2017”

  2. For better and for worse they will not do what Sony and Microsoft do. They will create some fresh experiences like motion controllers, 3D system, portable/home console hybrid, DIY cardboard controllers. Great online infrastructure, having enough horsepower to attract all the 3rd party games, not so much.

    Also speaking of Do or Die, listen to their hits if you’re unaware; Po Pimp, Do You?, Paper Chase, Fantasy, Just Ballin. These are all bangers.

  3. Games, Nintendo. Games.

    What saved the 3DS? Games. What’s made the Switch so popular? Games.

    Granted, the hybrid console is a great feature but it would have been dead on arrival without BOTW followed by Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Smash, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, more Mario, Mario Kart 8 and other Wii U ports, etc etc.

    Just don’t neglect the software and you’ll do fine.

  4. It’s good that they’re always thinking and not sitting on their laurels, but I do hope they don’t jump too quickly.

    They got a good thing going with the Switch. Even with the PS5 and XSX on the market, it’s still selling extremely well. They don’t need to shove it to the side yet. Hopefully they time the transition perfectly.

    Personally, I’d be fine with them sticking with the Switch model for a few more years and just making stronger versions. The Switch’s hybrid model resonated with people perfectly, and I’m not exactly sure how they can top that other than stronger revisions.

  5. Well Nintendo didn’t choose to do much in 2020, especially during (what used to be known as) E3 week.

  6. This is actually a sign of a strong leader. When you rest on your accomplishments, that gives others time to not only catch up, but to exceed your current state. Nintendo does a pretty good job of coming up with new ideas (not all of them good ideas) to share with its fans. I am stoked to see what the big N does next.

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