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Japan: Super Nintendo World set to open 18th March and will have strong COVID-19 measures

Universal Studios Japan has confirmed this morning that Super Nintendo World will be opening on the 18th March. The park has clearly suffered a number of set backs, obviously due to the on-going coronavirus crisis. The company has mentioned that visitors to the park will need to abide by strict COVID-19 hygiene measures such as a mandatory mask requirement. Super Nintendo World was originally due to open summer of 2020.


6 thoughts on “Japan: Super Nintendo World set to open 18th March and will have strong COVID-19 measures”

  1. I see a major rise of cases happening if they go through with this. But they won’t think this through, they just want to rush it for the populace who don’t give a rat’s ass about trying to stop the spread.

    What idiots. I hope Furukawa’s ready to have blood on his hands for this.

    1. I think people should decide for themselves. To the people on the left i ask myself what happened to my body my choice. Now, I’m a full blown libertarian. I think people should decide everything for themselves if it doesn’t affect others negatively.

      Is smoking healthy? No
      In fact, it’s unhealthy. In fact, it’s relatively harmless as you can do it for years until you die from it.
      But should we make it illegal? I would argue no. People smoke and they know it’s bad. People, just like with everything, evaluate what maximizes their happiness. They look at how deadly smoking is and take that into consideration. They still do it because they think they gain more from it then not doing it. And you cannot tell me that they do not take the risk into consideration. If it was as lethal as bleach hardly anyone would even dare to try. It’s only because it’s relatively harmless that people do it.

    2. If covid-19 really is this bad then people will do everything in their power to avoid it. If they do little then it’s not that bad. You don’t need to force them. This is all a political thing and the government loves it for the power it gets. All this money printing, more government. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Taking away jobs and say “look, I’m helping you by printing and giving you money”. Government really is good at crippling you and giving you a wheelchair and say “see? Where would you be without me”

      But i simply boycott as many as possible that force me into all this. I think private business should be able to decide to do all this stupid stuff but i should be able to say “nah. I’m not buying”.

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