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GameXplain: Apex Legends Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Pro graphics comparison

Apex Legends, the free-to-play first person shooter from Respawn Entertainment, has just landed on the Nintendo Switch platform and the folk over at GameXplain have compiled a graphics comparison video. The video that we’ve included further down shows the Switch going up against the PS4 Pro version of Apex Legends.

Understandably, the PS4 Pro shows much sharper visuals and smoother frame rates as the Switch version is running at 720p when the Switch is docked and at 576p in handheld mode. The frame rate is 30fps across both modes. Still, Panic Button have seemingly done another stellar job of porting the frantic shooter to Switch.

Here’s the video from GameXplain:


8 thoughts on “GameXplain: Apex Legends Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Pro graphics comparison”

    1. I don’t get the problem with comparing these… People, myself included, are interested in seeing the compromises Panic Button made and how they stack up. No one is expecting them to look the same. That’s why they’re comparing them…

      1. It just seems silly to make this comparison. While I enjoy the comparisons, it doesn’t seem needed. Let the players play them where they want and decide if they are good enough or not. That’s all I saying.

      2. Who is not letting people play where they want? This is just helping them make that decision. Is this some weird fanboy thing?

    2. I find it useful to see how the port was made, I don’t see that as a way to point out how weak the switch is in comparaison to PS4 Pro (it’s obvious that switch version is “inferior” …. don’t like saying this brrr)

      1. I post comparison videos for high profile games here because I know people enjoy watching them, that’s it. I am not going to post them to pick apart lower frame rates or lower-res graphics for the Nintendo Switch on a Nintendo news website.

  1. Hmm ps4 pro is older than switch, I’m not impressed. «Puts ps4 pro and a TV in pocket to play on bus ride»

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