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Japan: Daft Punk poster spotted in Splatoon 3 advert

This month’s edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro features a Splatoon 3 segment and in one of the promotional images provided by Nintendo there’s a Daft Punk poster with Daft Punk Airlines referenced on it. Hopefully the iconic dance French electronic music duo will return to provide the soundtrack for the upcoming Switch game. Nintendo previously confirmed that Splatoon 3 will be coming 2022.


  1. I would LOVE it if they were working on the music, but even if it’s just a tribute, it’s still cool.

  2. Never been a huge fan of the Splatoon soundtrack, but can’t think of a better group to do music for the game. Although, I thought they were done making music…

    1. The music for that game is prolly done anyways. If your career ended with working on a Nintendo game, that’s amazing

  3. The Eiffel Tower implies its French and daft punk is from France. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE NOW

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