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Splatoon 3 coming in 2022 for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that the third game in the Splatoon series will be arriving on the Switch system next year. While it’s still some way away from release, the Kyoto-based company provided gameplay footage of the multiplayer inktastic shooter. Check out the trailer for the upcoming game in the tweet below.

18 thoughts on “Splatoon 3 coming in 2022 for Nintendo Switch”

    1. To be fair the same team that works on splatoon also works on animal crossing, they probs already split in teams with certain ones working on the updates, and the main game.

  1. This is great and all, but I can’t help but wonder what it means for the schedule of the other big games. I thought they don’t like talking about games farther out, why would they talk about Splatoon in 2022 right now?

    1. The thing about them “not liking” talking about games far in advance is a lie perpetuated by themselves, otherwise we wouldn’t know about BotW2, Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 or Pikmin 4 and yet here we are.

      1. And in at least one case, it’s come back to bite them. Metroid Prime 4 probably wasn’t even in the conceptual phase when they said “Hey, guess what? This is coming!” and now four years and one complete restart later, we keep asking “Where is it? What’s going on?” and they respond with “Uhm… Uhhhhh- Hey! Look at this shiny new cardboard cutout game! That will distract you, no?”

        Can’t they be honest about ONE thing regarding Prime 4?

  2. I’m planning on getting this game next year and thinking about it since so Splatoon 3 was mention before. I have not play the first and second one, even so my friend got the game and play it and so on. So, this game could be a bit interesting to our liking and for next gen players. Maybe this game could be about Marie honestly being capture or something.

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