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Revival of SNES game Nightmare Busters: Rebirth coming to consoles

Nightmare Busters was originally meant to come to the Super Nintendo back in 1994, but it sadly never saw the light of day. However publisher Pix’n Love Games and developer Aurora Game Studio have announced that they have brought the game back to life and are bringing it to current consoles and PC. The game is described as a 2D action game of the run n’ gun genre. Here is an overview of what to expect.

Initially developed in 1994 by Arcade Zone on Super Nintendo, Nightmare Busters would unfortunately never be released. Eager to pay homage to this enchanting arcade game, Aurora Game Studio and Pix’n Love Games partner to give life back to this creation, born to an extraordinary fate.

Packed with frantic action, Nightmare Busters: Rebirth is a 2D action title of the run n’ gun genre in the best tradition of action arcade games. The story follows Flynn and Floyd, two nightmare-hunting leprechaun brothers, through six varied and colorful environments, in their journey to thwart the plans of the diabolical Tyrant!

Under the watchful eye of some of the original creators, Nightmare Busters: Rebirthmakes a point of honor to keep the foundations of the original work while enjoying the enhancements of modern gameplay and current developing tools:

  • Entirely redone graphics, UI, and soundtrack.
  • Traditional hand-drawn animation.
  • Redone level design.
  • Gradual and readjusted difficulty.
  • Two-player option.
  • Several new modes added. (Speedrun, Ultimate, Museum, etc.)

Currently in pre-production, Nightmare Busters: Rebirth is about to enter its production phase and promises an unforgettable and fast-paced journey in nightmare land, on PC and consoles!


3 thoughts on “Revival of SNES game Nightmare Busters: Rebirth coming to consoles”

  1. Wow now this is a blast from the past, I remember seeing this years ago, I believe it was either in EGM or GAMEFAN. I thought (at the time) the huge detailed sprites looked good enough to be a Neo Geo title.

  2. article is slightly incorrect, the original SNES version of Nightmare Busters DID see an official release on that console, via Super Fighter Team who finished and released it a few years back

  3. I don’t know what to make of it based on one screenshot. It just looks like the Lucky Charms’ cereal mascot finally got pissed off enough at those kids who are always after his lucky charms, snapped, and is taking his frustration out on the local wildlife.

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