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Iron Galaxy Studios is readying for a new game announcement

Iron Galaxy have been ardent supporters of the Nintendo Switch, bringing a number of ports to the popular system. In a recent interview with Segment Next, Iron Galaxy Studios GM Shekhar Dhupelia, said that they have a new game in development which the team are extremely excited about. However, the company is not ready to showcase it just yet. The new Iron Galaxy game might not be for the Switch, but we shall wait and see.

We do have an all-new game in development that we’re really excited about. We’ll have more to say about it later on this year (stay tuned!).

 Iron Galaxy Studios GM Shekhar Dhupelia

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6 thoughts on “Iron Galaxy Studios is readying for a new game announcement”

  1. At least they fixed their issues unlike WB Montreal who ignored game breaking bugs to make more money on DLC. But what can you expect from a trash company.

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