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Epic Games were planning to bring Samus Aran to Fortnite

The Epic Games 2020 quarterly business review has been made public due to the spat between Epic Games and Apple. As you know, Epic Games have been adding various mascots and famous characters to their hit video game, Fortnite. So far there have been characters such as Kratos from God of War, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) and Master Chief from the Halo franchise who have appeared in Fortnite. The Epic Games 2020 quarterly business review has revealed that they were planning to bring the star of the Metroid franchise, Samus Aran, to Fortnite, but she has yet to materialise.

14 thoughts on “Epic Games were planning to bring Samus Aran to Fortnite”

  1. I don’t play fortnite but really respect how much work they put into the game with all the updates and keeping it fresh. For a free game, too.

  2. I thought last season when they had the focus on all the different bounty hunters being pulled into the fortnite universe it would have been the perfect time to pull Samus in, I was thinking they would have maybe done it as a Switch Exclusive character but since it is a cross-play game she may appear in your game elsewhere, but the only way to play as here is Fortnite via Switch. IDK I thought it would have been cool, but I personally think it would only really works as Zero Suit Samus. With AvP being pulled into the universe during that season as well just imagine a cut scene with Samus and Ripley teaming up to fight a Xenomorph! It would have been Epic!! (pun intended lol)

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