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One of the Detective Pikachu film’s lead stars thinks that “we have to just kind of bury our hopes” of a sequel

This month marks a couple of years since Detective Pikachu released in theaters, eventually making a total of $433,000,000 worldwide. Although a sequel to the Pokemon mystery film had been announced before the first movie even released, there hasn’t been any updates since. Unfortunately, if you have been wanting a sequel, remarks from one of the lead stars of Detective Pikachu, Justice Smith, aren’t going to be of much help.

In fact, Smith, who made the remarks in an interview with Inverse, said that “I would love to participate in Detective Pikachu 2. I don’t know if it’s going to happen. I think we have to just kind of bury our hopes. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I really hope so though. Honestly, I’m such a huge fan, who knows, who knows? I hope so”.

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15 thoughts on “One of the Detective Pikachu film’s lead stars thinks that “we have to just kind of bury our hopes” of a sequel”

    1. So…. It’s not really news? I mean… A lot can happen in two months in the entertainment industry.

    2. The fact that you try to cash in on a 2 month old interview that someone else did doesn’t speak for your integrity either! In the world of journalism one does not have to credit other copiers, one only has to credit the original source which is the only party that actually deserves credit! Unless MNN copy pasted the exact wording everything is fine and you don’t deserve any credit at all!

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

      It still sounds plausible for the 3DS game. Then again, that didn’t score high in the box office and attract every casual still playing Pokemon Go on their smartphones. I wonder if it would borrow from the film’s ending.

  1. I would much rather have a Pokemon origins sort of live action movie than a sequel to Detective Pikachu. You know, like a movie based more on the anime (the first season). One of the many things that bugged me about Detective Pikachu (besides the fact that Pikachu talked, and had a grown man’s voice) was that it just threw you into the Pokemon world. With no beginning or explanation of anything. I basically just wanted to see the anime done in live action. And that’s the ONLY time you’ll ever hear me say that about ANY anime.

    And by the way……..what’s up with My Nintendo News lately? It never lets me click the Twitter icon to log in and post a comment anymore. I’m forced to manually write my entire email and username every time now. VERY frustrating.

  2. Oh, I somehow thought they had already confirmed a Detective Pikachu 2 being in production. Maybe I remember incorrectly. Or maybe I was thinking about the Switch game announcement.

    It would be a bummer if not. The first one is probably my favorite video game movie ever.

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