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Rumor: There Is Already A Detective Pikachu Movie Sequel In The Works

The Detective Pikachu movie hasn’t even released yet, and it seems that there are already plans to make a sequel. According to the Hollywood Reporter “Legendary has begun work on a sequel to its Pokemon-based movie, hiring Oren Uziel to pen the script”. The Hollywood Reporter explained that this decision is a “sign of confidence” about the success of the film, which isn’t supposed to release until May. As for Uziel, he has worked on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Men In Black International, 22 Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox and “a Supergirl feature”.


27 thoughts on “Rumor: There Is Already A Detective Pikachu Movie Sequel In The Works”

    1. Not a Pokemon though, Sonic the Hedgehog is also coming to the silver screen in 2019. Last November 2018, there was also Ralph Breaks the Internet. It seems the film industry has been helping the gaming industry to emerge from the shadows. I haven’t watched them yet but I know I will enjoy them.

      1. Different doesn’t always = good, and it doesn’t always = bad. In fact, the difference in something doesn’t make a difference in its quality. Despite how different something is, there’s still a story to tell and an audience to compel with said story, along with visuals and scene shots/compositions to help convey that story; writing, pacing, etc. How different something is plays almost no role in those things.

        Difference can play a role in some things though. Like when pitching ideas or concepts to executives. But the audience watching the product won’t like or hate a movie because it’s different; they’ll love or criticize it because it could’ve been significantly better or worse.

      2. Now I’m curious to know which movie have you seen that has been adapted from a game (we can even include anime if you want)that has actually been good ? I can’t think of any that I can say werent mediocre at best.

          1. I honestly would like to know so that I can watch a good adaptation and change my mind lol I mean I only really have the disaster that was Dragonball evolution, and doom to go off of. But I just got reminded of one, resident evil wasn’t terrible at least lol even though they milked it to the ends of the Earth. I don’t think adaptation=bad that’s an assumption. I just go by the history, most of them are terrible. For every ten that are terrible that I can search up there’s probably one good one

  1. Nintendo and Ubisoft take notes.
    We should had had Rayman Legends and a New Donkey Kong and Pikmin in the works immediately also. How the heck on a week console making a good game every 7 years are you going to sell 20 million units? Answer
    I if you want to sell a bc weak console and aimed at 20mill then you need to make games immediately. When Ps5 and Xbox 2 comes out in order to still have strong Switch sells, then you need Starfox ,a 3D Doneky Kong, another Metroid Prime after working this current one. Pikmin 6 and 6. A new Zelda for the Switch. Another 3D Mario game for the Switch. And 4 years later another Smash brothers and Mario Kart and Mario Strikers tittle. Stop taking 8 year breaks between tittles. Make a NSMB switch 2 D and work on Luigi’s Mansion 4 now. That way by the time Ps5 and Xbox 2 arrives at least the Switch will have those games. Also Switch will need another hardcover core Pokemon tittle and realise it when PS5 comes. That way the Switch sells can still be strong. If Nintendo did this, all they have to do is release a tittle everytime Sony and Microsoft or 3rd party release their strong sellers.

  2. If Nintendo doesnt start changing how quick they make new tittles of years space and bring that closer they will just have a new console. I’m not going to keep paying $300 to $350 just to play a new Pikmin or Zelda tittle or a 3D mario tittle on a new console. Just because these developers wont make games immediately.

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