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Video: Shinya Takahashi Explains Nintendo’s Decision To Reexamine Metroid Prime 4

Earlier today, Nintendo took the Internet world by storm by providing an update on Metroid Prime 4. It turns out that the highly-anticipated sequel needs a significant amount of time to develop and is now being worked on by Retro Studios. To put it in the words of Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s senior managing executive officer, “The current development process has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime series … We have decided to reexamine the development structure itself and change it.” To watch the full announcement from Takahashi himself, check out the embedded video below:


    1. This might be new. They said to reexamine. It could mean not to completely start from scratch but to change some things the Retro way. I have a good feeling this will make Metroid Prime 4 not that long to wait for.

  1. Is MP4’s development completely restarting a tragic thing? Yes. But the silver lining is that now it’s back in the hands of the studio that put it on the map in the first place. Retro hasn’t released a dud yet (speaking from a gameplay and mechanics standpoint, anyway- the only reason a Retro game wouldn’t sell was because the audience just wasn’t there) and I believe they work their magic once more.

      1. Then why comission Namco Bandai to begin with?

        Prime 4’s development started long after the Federation Force disaster, there’s no excuse.

  2. It makes you wonder how bad MP4 was for them to start over again. Remember this is the same company that allowed federation force to happened.

    1. I mean, FF was a spinoff for the 3DS, so the quality didn’t have to be so high (it’s a solid game, but its mayor sin is having the Metroid Prime name). But from another article, it appears that the problem was that different studios from Bandai Namco were working on the game, so some studios were doing an excelent job, while others weren’t meeting the expectations

  3. I could be wrong on this but the last time Nintendo shared news about a game being delayed, that same game ended up being one of the best games of 2017, maybe of all time. I wish people would take off their pessimism goggles and understand what’s really going on. They’re trying to ensure the beer product possible.

    1. From what I’ve seen the worst reactions to this news have come from the comments of this site which is pretty pathetic. Most people appreciate the way it has been handled. We’re all disappointed in the fact it will take longer to come out but there are positives to it.

    2. Yeah but the time before that, it turned out to be one of the most decisive games in that series. A lot of us hated it (Skyward Sword)

  4. I could be wrong on this but the last time Nintendo shared news about a game being delayed, that same game ended up being one of the best games of 2017, maybe of all time. I wish people would take off their pessimism goggles and understand what’s really going on. They’re trying to ensure the beer product possible.

    1. The problem is that even with the constant Breath of the Wild delays, the Wii U still had more things going for it at the time, Xenoblade, Bayonetta, the Zelda remasters and the Virtual Console.

      What exactly is there announced for 2019 Other than Fire Emblem (Which is a niche game) and a stinking Yoshi game?

      Oh sure, we have nebulous promises of Bayonetta and Pokemon, but nothing actually in the way of them actually launching this year.

      We already had a disgusting 2018, Nintendo released a grand total of 3 new games (Another generic Kirby game, a casualized Pokemon remake and Super Smash Bros.), alll else was Wii U ports (Which is an insult to those of us who stuck with the damn thing) and bad 3rd party/indie ports.

      And now 2019 is shaping up to be even worse.

      This delay is just the cherry on top.

      1. Your hate is showing because of 2018 and it is not even funny… it’s just sad.

        MP4 was never slated for 2019.

        Animal Crossing and Pokemon have 2019 on their names which gives a clear indication that these games will come out in 2019. MP4 only got a title card and a “now in development”, nothing more.

        Prioritize facts over feelings

      2. 2018 wasn’t even a bad year. Just not as good as 2017. Third parties helped fill the holes last year.

        As for this year, there’s Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Daemon X Machina, and Pokemon. That’s an amazing 1st party lineup, and that’s just what we know of. Not sure how you’d say that’s worse than last year. Then again, you sound supremely stuck up (and ignorant on top of that).
        We have no idea when Bayo 3 is coming (could be this year, could not), and there was no promise of MP4 coming this year.
        How are Wii U ports an insult? Get over yourself lol, most people didn’t even own one. And as someone who did, the games are made even better on the Switch. I wouldn’t mind them porting more, like 3D World and WWHD. It helps fill gaps, you can’t expect a brand new 1st party game every month. Plus it’s a great way to introduce those titles to a larger audience.

        Honestly, you just sound spoiled. I wonder what it would take to satisfy someone like you. Probably nothing. Must be a sad life.

      3. Just adding the Luigi’s Mansion and Ultimate Alliance 3 to the 2019 list. Those are both Nintendo published. Also you praised Zelda ports on the Wii U and complained about ports on the Switch all at the same time. Neat!

  5. Bandai Namco was building Federation Force with cell shaded graphics and Shinen Jump Easter eggs, with Dark Souls bosses…

    Nintendo looked and it and said… Meh!
    Retro can you do this…
    Retro said.. Yeah! We can do it!

    Metroid Prime 4… See you in 2021

    1. Actually, Retro Studios told Nintendo that they could do it better and proved it with a tech demo.
      Then, Nintendo said “yes you can” and gave them the project. Although, it should have been theirs (or anyone else then Bandai Namco) from the beginning.

  6. So it will release at the end of the Switch life, 2022? Well… anyway I wasn’t that much interested in it (my children surely would not want it). ;p
    People were expecting more AAA mature games (many Zeldas, many Metroids…), now they will better comprehend that in the Nintendo’s world those are just exceptions instead of the rule, and without third parties plugging holes… well… -.-

  7. Sorry but this is total BS!Reggie a few weeks back says Metroid development was going along nicely meaning he totally lied!
    No Nintendo seriously expect us to believe that it took them 18 months to figure out Bandai was garbage with this project?
    This game will now come out in 2021 maybe even 2022, by that time PS5 will be out and the new Xbox.
    This screams BOTW all over again, it’s obvious Nintendo are delaying Metroid so that is can be released on 2 consoles, the Switch and it’s new revision as a launch title.
    Reggie needs firing due to his constant lies to Nintendo fans.

  8. If you ask me, people are being too hard on Nintendo. Zelda Breath of the Wild was delayed numerous times and that ended up becoming 1 of the best titles Nintendo ever developed. Yes it does suck that Metroid Fans will have to wait for a long time but at least you can take solace knowing the game is in development and will happen eventually. That’s a lot more than what fans of F-Zero and Golden Sun can look forward to.

  9. Translation: Namco effing botched it because japanese devs don’t get the concept of Metroid Prime so now we have to scrap a year and a half of work and send the game to the people who should have been making it from the start.

  10. Japanese devs have always been great with dark and lonely Atmospheres, but they’ve never really known how to take first person shooter mechanics up to the next level. So it always made since for them to work together with a western studio on this type of game

  11. I can’t believe how up in arms some people are getting about this. It wasn’t canceled, it was delayed. And from the sounds of it, it’s going to help make the game much better in the end. I’d take that over whatever crap Bamco was doing. Retro is amazing at what they do. Just give them the time they need to make it happen. This is a GOOD thing. You’re practically guaranteed to get an awesome game, Retro has a flawless track record. They’ve never put out a turd. It’s not the end of the world.

  12. So it’s what I’ve been saying, Bamco sucks at making non fighting/jrpg games and this one sucked so badly that Ninty was like “Okay, Retro, we need you.”

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