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Latest EDGE Review Scores

The latest edition of UK publication EDGE magazine is now available for subscribers and with it comes a number of reviews. EDGE is renowned for its harsh but generally fair review scores and this month’s edition doesn’t appear to be any different. The reviews this week include Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes and Pikuniku. Take a look at the scores below!

  • Below – 8
  • Vane – 3
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – 6
  • Travis Strikes Again – 5
  • Book of Demons – 7
  • Genesis Alpha One – 5
  • Sunless Skies – 9
  • Pikuniku – 6


8 thoughts on “Latest EDGE Review Scores”

  1. This game has had the most mixed reviews I’ve ever seen. not just from edge, in general. Just to show here, one person gave it a 3 while another a 9.

        1. Rentals come with their benefits. If you don’t like the game, you didn’t spend much money to play it. If you do like the game more than you thought you would, a rental inspires you to go & buy the actual game. So yeah. A rental isn’t a bad thing.

  2. Sunless Skies is something I don’t see everyday. It immediately got me curious after seeing how EDGE gave it a score. 9? So I checked out its launch trailer and found it kinda pretty mysteriously awesome. By the way, Sunless Skies is the sequel to the survival/exploration RPG Sunless Sea. Thanks My Nintendo News.

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