Nintendo Switch

Twelve Minutes Of Yo-Kai Watch 4 Nintendo Switch Direct-Feed Gameplay

The footage for the forthcoming Yo-Kai Watch 4 game on the Nintendo Switch just keeps coming. Level-5 has uploaded new direct-feed footage of the game. In fact, it is twelve glorious minutes of gameplay which should please the fans of the franchise. Yo-Kai Watch 4 is out this year on the Nintendo Switch platform.



      1. The gaming industry is full of surprises these days. We never knew when will the Yo-Kai Watch 4 for Switch become available in the west. One thing is for sure—sooner or later, it’ll definitely make it to the West. This game is no doubt going to be as addictive as the Pokemon games.


  1. Yokai can only be seen by Keita in this footage (what I’ve seen so far). Then the first battles take place on an open street. Can you imagine looking out the window and watching this little boy go ham and getting knocked around by seemingly nothing ?.. since normal people can’t see yokai 😂

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    1. Lmao this also seems to be the case in the anime when keita (aka nate) comes in contact with yokai the characters around humans they just seem to not notice nate communicating with invisble force sometimes, however certain humans can see them, and the only way any human can actually see them is by being inspirited by them. But yeah if this was a real life situation I be confuse as to what would be happening and would just assume he was fighting the wind or air

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