Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Shares Small Amount Of Dragon Quest XI S Footage

Dragon Quest XI S has been a long time in the making for the Nintendo Switch. We still do not have a firm release date although Square Enix is planning to release it this year. It is not clear whether that is worldwide or just in Japan. The company broadcast a live stream today and it shows a smattering of footage. Have a watch down below and see what you think!


  1. Dragon Quest XI S better have a new improved soundtrack on Switch. For me, it’s the only element that spoils the game. The visuals, the gameplay, the classic story, the character designs—I love them all. I’m going to follow this.


  2. Well, considering that this game was the second game announced for the NX, it is definitely about time! I’ve been holding off getting the game on another platform because this will make a great handheld mode game to play in bed.
    (And oddly enough, auto speller suggested the word NX)


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