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Game Informer Senior Editor Tweets What He’s Heard Regarding Metroid Prime 4

We heard earlier today from Nintendo that the development of the eagerly awaited Metroid Prime 4 hasn’t gone to plan and that the game wasn’t up to the standard Nintendo expects, so they have decided to start again. Retro Studios will be handling Metroid Prime 4 development and it is going to be quite some time before the game will be be shown off.

Game Informer’s senior editor Imran Khan has spoken on Twitter about what he has heard from his sources. It seems as though the game, which was being developed by Bandai Namco, was being made in different locations in different countries. Some of what was shown could have been fine in one location while development in another location could been troubling. He reports that he’s heard that Nintendo now believes it needs to be developed under one roof and that Retro Studios pitched their own idea and produced a great demo for the Kyoto-based company.

“Hearing that the big problem with MP4 development was Nintendo’s experimental ad-hoc development process; it was being made in parts in different countries. Some studios were trucking along saying it was going smoothly while it was on fire elsewhere.”

“Internal thinking was that it needs to be all under one roof to right the ship. Interestingly, Retro made the pitch for their involvement and put together a demo that Nintendo liked.”



    1. Me too! I actually see this as a good news since the development of Metroid Prime 4 will be in the hands of Retro Studios. Plus, rushed games usually have so many bugs, whereas delayed games have little to none at all. Like those who waited so long for Metroid Prime 4 on Switch, I’ve waited also but not gonna whine or rush Nintendo for one of their awesome triple A games.

    2. AND so you love RETRO and it’s ok for Nintendo to screw with you again ?
      How many consoles do we need to buy again for we can play Metriod ?

      Nice fanboying dude, guess you are used to be in abusive relationship with corporations.

      Nintendo won E3 for a logo, not a real game, lame and they fooled us because Metriod wasn’t even in development.
      Just Alpha and prototyping.

      Metriod will be an 2020 early so that means with the Retro polish it will be hold back till Switch 2.0 or whole new console = Thanks for your money but Switch won’t run Metriod nor New monster no anything but lame ports and other so called new games on the Wii U engine like Fire emblem and Yoshi.

      Stay ignorant, deep inside you know the things you say here are just normalizing bad practices

      1. Lmao how can you call someone ignorant and you keep writing the name as metriod. Anyways one game does not make a console. There’s plenty other things to play you might be taking this way too seriously.

      2. They decide to make sure the game is best it can be and you bitch and moan about it and call anyone who disagrees with you a “fanboy” so your arguments seem valid.

        Think what you want and live your life, man, but don’t live it on here, on this blog, giving out useless and vapid responses because you hate a company that makes video games.

      3. “Metriod (sp) wasn’t even in development. Just Alpha and prototyping.” – uh, those two things are part of development… Development is when you’re, you know, DEVELOPING a game. As in putting it together. Storyboarding, prototyping, testing etc. is all part of development. As soon as an idea for a game has been put down on paper and approved, it’s technically in development.

      4. Back to thine forest ye troll. Also, check your grammar and your facts. Present participles and the solid truth are tough.

      5. Gosh, you people are ridiculous.

        While Man of the Forest certainly doesn’t need to be so dramatic, you people need to admit that the Switch is indeed in big trouble and Nintendo is heading for an even bigger disaster than the Wii U.

        How many genuinely new (Not ports) first party games did Nintendo put out since Xenoblade launched way back in December 2017?

        The answer is TWO, a generic Kirby game made in the same exact engine they’ve been using since Return to Dreamland and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which, despite being a great game, is still using the Brawl engine.

        Add a casualized Pokemon genwunner pandering remake that nobody wanted and you have a year of first- and second-party releases that’s even worse than the Wii U’s worst moments.

        At least back then the lack of third party support meant Nintendo HAD to release more games to pick up the slack, which meant a decent first party release schedule among the very bad droughts.

        Now we’re stuck on the opposite side, Nintendo isn’t releasing ANYTHING of interest and third parties have to pick up the slack with inferior ports of old games that run better on other consoles.

        And at least back then Nintendo had the excuse that they were also working on 3DS titles.

        And there’s not even trailers.

        Just tell me, what are the studios doing? What is Monolith doing? What was Retro doing until today? EPD? 1-Up? Alpha Dream? Grezzo? Hal? Next Level?

        It is worrying that we don’t have a single mass appeal game slated for 2019 and Nintendo seems to not care to announce anything, they legit spent the last 6 months talking only and only about Smash.

        At the very least we should be pressuring Nintendo so they start doing HD ports of Metroid Prime Trilogy and Skyward Sword, if they’re not going to do anything else.

        1. WTF?! How is it possible that you can be so ignorant? The Nintendo Switch is extremely popular. It sold more units in less then a year than the Wii U did in it’s lifetime. The switch is DEFINITELY NOT in big trouble ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

          I have issues with people like you, you take your opinions as undeniable fact. You act like you know Nintendo inside and out. You act like you’ve know everything Nintendo has planned or is working on. Well guess what. You don’t.

          Please don’t tell me you actually think they did nothing but talk about Smash for six months? It’s not like they broadcast everything they do to the public!

          2018 was a very successful year for Nintendo. 2019 will likely be even bigger. 35-38M switch’s sold in 2 years is amazing. Don’t know what makes you think that the switch will do worse than the Wii U (it has already done sooooooo much better.) Its likely based clickbait articles and some weird grudge against Nintendo.

          Please use your brain next time. PLEASE.

      6. Oh look 20 replies and NONE has an argument it’s all slander and this and that emotions.
        None has counter or changed my mind because it’s just insults and calm down this and that.

        I’m on a game website I’m calm. Just calling out scams at liars.

        It’s not because you are a mule and tame against abuse because you are used to be in abusive relationships that I will not fight for truth !

        Calm down and who hurt you are NOT Agruments but BULLY tactics to shut me DOWN = my argument still stands unchallenged Xxx

        Try harder

      7. lol what a good laugh

        hey man if im ignorant for being happy one of my favorite video game series is getting a new game for the first time in forever, im fine with being ignorant.

        stay hateful, deep down inside you know the things you say here are just fucking stupid

  1. Surely Nintendo would know that a game like prime would need to be under one roof with a very close team. What the hell.




      1. Well, I knew retro should of made this game from the start and now thatโ€™s where itโ€™s going AND Nintendo have said themselves to keep this close.
        I know what your saying though

      2. @Vic Twenty Look at this pathetic fanboy defending this.
        Nice cap locks. Maybe look in the mirror because this is Nintendo site and we can talk no need to attack other people for talking games and call them fake experts, you ain’t expert yourself, you a mad lad getting triggered by people calling out bad practices and using the freedoms and free market deciding what will be in the future.

        No need for you forcing us into a North Korea and accept everything because your feelings.

    2. Consider for example a game like Mario & Rabbids. This game is not entirely developed by Ubisoft of Italy but also from Ubisoft of Paris. So we have 2 studios working on that game and the result is very good.

      I think the reason why Retro Studios got the spotlight it’s because Metroid Prime is made by them and they know their stuff.

      Glab that Nintendo let Retro Studios working on MP4 instead of BN, with all the respect to them but when I heard BN I always think Dragon Ball and not Metroid Prime

      1. Lady of the forest is some of the weakest trolling I’ve seeb recent years,
        And why people reply under your comment, is the because you can not reply to a third message in the chain. There is no reply button.

      2. Reported your accounts for attack me personal, you guys are not used to argue about games and need to attack me on a personal level, this is against the rules and I’ll send now a email to admin letting them know his MOD First order agree with bully behavior.

    1. Confirmed, only rumors are REVIEWTECHUSA and SUPERMETALDAVE64

      Both Cancer of Nintendo news, only in it for click bait drama.

  2. Nintendo put together a demo that Nintendo liked retro are Nintendo or are we going full retard at my retarded news again retro isn’t separate to Nintendo they ARE NINTENDO

    1. Retro is owned by Nintendo but they are a development studio in Texas. Nintendo’s higher ups that greenlight decisions are based in Japan. The way company structures work is that the smaller subsidiaries of a company such as Retro need to still pitch ideas to the higher ups to get produced. So whatever demo Retro came up with the higher ups probably had not seen anything of it until Retro pitched a completed demo to them.

    2. Retro is a company owned by Nintendo, but Nintendo own the rights to the Metroid franchise and obviously nearly let Bandai f**k it up.
      Retro showing off a demo which Nintendo has approved shows how much retro want to make this game.
      Thank god ( but itโ€™ll be a while b4 we play it)

      1. I’m going to say 2021 depending on development speed. Hopefully they won’t build a proprietary game engine and just use UE4 instead.

    3. You need to chill out and think before you speak. Retro is no more Nintendo then Rare used to be, they are/were separate studios that Nintendo owns.

      1. Watch your tone. I donโ€™t like what you wrote

        Yet you seen to have no problem people calling others dicks.
        Seems you are very biased fanboy here, I report you right now to admin for admin bias and abuse.
        You should be tripped from the ranks childish kid

          1. Alright, thanks for you reply, I’ll think about what you said. Good day and no I will not report you because you defended yourself with Honor instead of bully tactics.

  3. Dude if this has an online and local multiplayer component I’m going to to be so hyped! Whatever Retro came up with, I’m excited for.

    1. It will you just need another console yet again, that’s almost 2 consoles and still no game. WiiU and Switch can’t run Metriod in 2023

    2. Dick of the Forest… either you’re fully retarded or you have flunked first grade in school? Your cancer is already spreading like wild-fucking-fire.

      1. Dub nation reported you for Slander is against rules attacking people on personal level.

        If you can’t win against my arguments doesn’t mean you need to use bully tactics to shut me down

        You are a stupid guy and reported you

    3. You’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment if you’re getting excited for online multiplayer components in a Nintendo game, haha.

      1. Especially for a game franchise that is mostly single player. Other than Hunters where the single player was just maybe a few hours where the meat of the game was in the multiplayer, the multiplayer for Prime 2 was… not bad but not good, either.

      2. He is a morron that Dub nation only here to circle jerk and ass kiss Nintendo.

        Low IQ sheep

      1. @Reaver perhaps they are finishing Donkey Kong Country 6. I hope that Ubisoft (the studio team of Mario Rabbits) is put in charge of DK so that we don’t have to wait for Retro to finish making a possible second trilogy of Prime.

  4. I was never sure about Bandai Namco’s involvement as they have no experience in first person games. I’m much happier now the original studio is handling things, even though there are probably very few people still at Retro who worked on the past games. It sounds good that they have produced a successful tech demo for it.

  5. Let me tell you this. There was never a game in development yet. Nintendo had no games on E3 and just showed a Logo !
    So fools already think it was great investment buying a Switch. I bet they where just Alpha testing some prototypes and when finally had a vision they started with RETRO studios, witch was the plan all along. And I do a second bet, it will be on the NEXT Nintendo console. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Please understand you invested and hyped the poop out of it and how Nintendo WON E3 … yeah no see ya on the next hardware sale. HA HAAA

    Buy Switch 2.0 will be the only way to play Metriod, the console you have now is worthless for Metriod fans. But thanks for the hype en trust, please understand why you don’t need PC and keep buying our plastic toys.

      1. Slander is not an argument. For someone to tell them to get a life, you sure haven’t lived much, reading your weak non arguments and slander.

  6. This Switch is worthless Today for any Metriod fan or anyone interested in new next generation games.
    Switch is just Wii U 2.0, getting that lost sales back with rebranding. Thanks !

    Metriod will not be an Switch game. Release in 3 years when Nintendo announce new hardware.

    We have now Zelda and Mario so I guess after animal crossing the console is pretty much done. RIP

    Time to sell and buy a PC and play next gen games that are fun with friends like Sea of thieves, stealing loot on the sea and have amazing next gen exp. instead of waiting for Indies and ports of Wii U.

    Switch can’t even run 1984 games decent. The emulator for Nes is pathetic for any serious gamer.

    Sick of this lame company

  7. Sick of this Company and any fool here constant defending lame practices.

    Look at all these pathetic fanboys defending it’s ok to buy yet AGAIN another console in 3 years for Metriod.

    That means WIIU and Switch 2 full gen consoles and still no new Metriod Software.

    How many plastic do you need to buy and make these people rich before they give what people want ?

    1. lol, I was gonna disregard your posts as bait, but you actually make some valid points when they are toned down a bit.

      –Regarding your point about Nintendo’s practices… Nintendo does make stupid decisions sometimes, it’s almost like their motto is “Taking 1 step forward, then taking 2 steps back.” But in terms of delays, I don’t think it is all bad, nor all good – in the end though, the wait is likely worth it, especially considering other titles that were delayed for quality assurance.
      –Your speculation on MP4 launching in a window parallel to a new Nintendo console is probable but more in a sense of a console revision, not a new generation console.
      –Your “WiiU2=Switch” statements could be true… I mean the Switch Prototype was built with Wii motes but I think Nintendo ultimately made the decision to make it into a new console with more power, rather than a simple/weak revision to a dying generation.
      –Your frustration with the NES stuff on the Switch is warranted, as like many others, they are thirsty for more intuitive games from other platforms. (Your concern about current NES games not running well is something I can’t really confirm or deny as I have not played any of them)
      –Your prediction about the Switch dying after a couple of games is probably your weakest point, as there are many other IP’s people are interested in, so no need to sell anything just yet.

      1. Thank you for NORMAL reply without Slander.

        You must be the only adult here and NO I’m not baiting, you just can’t argue here about games or you are this or that.

        What a cult here

  8. Just as I suspected…
    I knew there was more to it than just a simple delay and change of minds… though this info is just still unconfirmed and still leaves other questions unanswered…

    1. Van Gogh made a painting per day. Stary night was a one day project.

      Lame excuses by the fanboys, try harder. We got fooled at E3 with a logo. IT’s all for the hardware sales.

      Nintendo should get punished for bad behavior and false marketing. They sure sue everyone.

      Just stop

      1. What. The. Heck. His statement was completely valid.

        Just because you seem to have some sort personal grudge towards Nintendo doesn’t warrant you say something that demeans their hard work and dedication.

        Comparing paintings to video games the way you did was unfair. Not only are they very different forms of art, but you made it seem like because some paintings only take a day, Nintendo needs to release their popular games VERY FAST. It doesn’t matter if the game is horrible because they didn’t take the time to make sure it was up to their standard, MAN OF THE FOREST CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG, RELEASE IT NOW.

        Good things take time, some paintings took years to finish, even decades. Maybe next time you try to be dick, you could think a little before you do so?

      2. Did you compare Van Gogh to Nintendo?

        Of course it’s all for hardware sales. How else would they make money?
        They only sue people who pirate their software and games with licensed characters.

      3. Damn dude. You should work for IGN or Kotaku or something.

        You’re perfectly capable of writing longwinded, shakesperian levels of shit.

      4. Look at all these circle jerkers kissing and licking each other comments without substance again
        Look at that one dude telling me how I have a grudge against a Corporation pure because I criticize.

        Holy smoke talk about fanboys, you just can’t agrue with fanboys who blindly follow CORPORATIONS
        Your reply is full of slander because you know I’m right and have no argument

  9. Well, perhaps the rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy HD will still be a thing this holiday season.
    But when it comes to a big named series like Metroid Prime, the fourth game us better off late then lacking in quality. And one thing Retro Studios is known for is quality. Personally I’m okay with waiting, between Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3, some third party/indie games and what ever Nintendo is holding onto for E3, 2019 should still be a good year.

    1. A rumor from nowhere but just pure speculation and Youtbubers click bating for add revenue

      And Reddit posts for approval seeking because daddy wasn’t around much.

      1. No need to be so negative. Rumors are half of the fun on the comments section. And I know some very positive people who are illegitimate bastards.

    1. Hopefully if they do add multiplayer, it will be more in line with Metroid Prime Hunters and not a repeat of Metroid Prime 2’s attempt.

  10. I am happy that Nintendo cares more about us than the money. And some of you are being very ungrateful and spoiled

  11. Quadraxis….


    And the truth… shall set you free.

    Soon the Kyoto whore will be exposed even further and your decommission initiated.
    Time to Hollow your Grape J


      1. Oh boy goooo kiss his ass Dub nation that’s the only thing you are good at here.

        Bully other people who challenge your cult and ass kissing any MOD with generic comments.

        You are most boring dude here, gonna change your name into Low IQ Nation from now

  12. I told them day one that a Bandai-Namco Metroid Prime is not going to work but they didn’t listen…

  13. Great to Hear that Retro stepped up and offered a compelling demo.

    Another ‘Other M’ or ‘Federation Force’ was NOT what the franchise needed. (No offense to anyone who enjoyed both games. I actually Liked ‘Hunters’ on DS)

    A lot has changed at Retro Studios since they last made a Prime game, most notably in regards to staff. The fact that they volunteered and constructed a compelling demo suggests the team is not only passionately on board, but still competent in making that style of game (after a series of DK platformers).

    At this point, it will be a mix of only some of the original staff and many new people. Sort of like ‘Son of RETRO’ rather than the same studio and team. … but their track record is good.

    Alright New-Retro … show us what you’ve got.

    … in Autumn of 2021/Spring 2022.

    1. Plenty of those types of comments to go around.
      I’m proud of Nintendo for doing this. They know what we want in a Metroid Prime game and what they were getting from the previous developers wouldn’t defy our expectations.

      I’ll wait for a good Metroid game. Nintendo has been around for over a century. They know what they’re doing.

      1. I won’t argue there might be a few toxic replies out there toward this news *points to the Forest guy you’re arguing with as one such person*, but we need to quit using the “They’ve been around for a century! They know what they are doing!” to defend Nintendo. Vince McMahon has been in charge of WWE for over 30 years but no one would argue he “knows what he’s doing” since he’s made quite a lot of blunders over the last 10+ years. When your company is ran mostly by an older generation, you are bound to have a few of them that are out of touch with the audience. I mean, we got 10+ years of a lot of mistakes from Nintendo, too, & it wasn’t til the Switch they were on their A game again; Wii started out great, sure, but it slowly went downhill & we ended up with the Wii U. But all it takes is one moment of arrogance to screw it all up again. Even now, Nintendo is still making a few mistakes with the Switch. *cough*smartphoneapp*cough* Aging has both it’s pros & cons like anything else does. Being old doesn’t always mean you’re right.

        Nintendo has particularly made a lot of mistakes with Metroid in 10 years. One great game on the 3DS in those 10 years doesn’t erase that. There is still a chance they could fuck this up. Many would argue that letting Bandai Namco have this game in the first place was a big mistake in & of itself. I hope it’s good because I love Metroid but I’m still keeping my expectations to a minimum.

        1. I was just stating a fact, but you are correct. Age alone doesn’t mean correctness in relation to Nintendo.
          I guess I have faith in them and their choices, but again, yeah they have had their fair share of fuck-ups. Wii U was… Just a load of sad. Buckets of bad. They have had failings with almost every console I can remember. (Not sure about the SNES though… Oh wait, that helped create the PlayStation with the SNES CD add-on)
          Anyway, they are far from perfect. I still hope Prime 4 kicks some serious ass though. My expectations are pretty high.

    1. For some reason, I didn’t take this news like the final reveal of the new Smash characters and the Game Awards which both leaved a bad taste in me. Perhaps I have give up on getting mad Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Or maybe I’m maturing ๐Ÿ˜‚

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