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Immortals Fenyx Rising update Version 1.3.1 out now with patch notes

Ubisoft, the developers being the action-packed and entertaining open world game Immortals Fenyx Rising, have released a new update for the game. The update brings the light hearted game to Version 1.3.1 and it mainly concentrates on fixing performance issues and bugs fixes across all platforms. Immortals Fenyx Rising is available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop and at your favourite retailers.


  • Bug Fixes.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Performance improvements.


  • [Fixed] Ensured that Prometheus uses the right pronoun for Fenyx in a Tale of Fire and Lightning quest.


  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue that prevented progression scaling issues with Ubisoft Connect challenge rewards Shard.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue that caused Fenyx to appear in a different vault when restarting Aphrodite’s Vault.
  • [Fixed] Ubisoft Connect – Fixed an issue preventing the “Vault of Tartaros Completed” statistic to reach full completion.
  • [Fixed] Myths of the Eastern Realms – Fixed an issue where the player would not get all the fragments from the Mythical Monsters.


  • Addressed an issue where Athena’s Dash ability would deal less damage after obtaining the Immortal Field Breaker upgrade.
  • [Fixed] Fixed the ordering of the Helmets of the Eastern Realm obtained from completing Myths of the Eastern Realm story.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where Fenyx was stuck while idle on top of the Messenger of the Gods Statue when enjoying the beautiful view for too long. Heroes need breaks too!


  • Improved stability when entering Typhon’s Vault.

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