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Video: Nintendo Minute unbox a blue Switch Lite

Friday is here, so Kit and Krysta have returned for another brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. This week’s episode features the return of the Nintendo Switch​ Lite, This is because a new color of the Switch​ Lite, blue, is releasing later this month. So, Nintendo Minute’s new episode features an unboxing of one.

The duo explained in the video description that “we’re unboxing the new blue colored Nintendo Switch​ Lite and also doing a fun color comparison because many of you have said that it looks purple. Well, we’re going to solve this mystery once and for all. Nintendo Switch Lite Blue launches on May 21st”. Nintendo‘s official tweet of the episode, which contains the video, is down below.

6 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute unbox a blue Switch Lite”

  1. Oh boy Nintendo Minute my favorite Two Boring PR people with Zero Chemistry unbox product that has already been unboxed now in blue flavor! Now these weekly posts of these god awful videos sure is a good use of WordPress Space I tell you hwhat.

    1. I think they where perfectly fine when they where actually in the same room together. They don’t do a good job pretending they aren’t actually interacting with each other directly

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