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Europe: Bandai Namco has registered trademarks for GameCube series Baten Kaitos

It has been discovered that Bandai Namco has registered two trademarks in Europe for the GameCube series, Baten Kaitos. The trademarks cover Baten Kaitos Origins and Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Although the trademarks could be standard renewals it would be amazing if the series was actually revived. What is also interesting is that Baten Kaitos Origins was never released in Europe which is where these trademarks have been registered.

The Baten Kaitos series takes place in a world where humanity lives on a series of island-nations in the sky. These islands are the last livable remnants of a poisoned Earth that was devastated a thousand years ago in the War of The Gods. The residents of the sky however are prosperous having been aided by various advantages, including Wings of the Heart- the manifestation of the human spirit in the form of usable wings-, Magic, Magnus- a technology that allows the essence of an item to be stored within small card-like objects-, and Machina- mechanical technology. Their way of life however is in danger as the ancient Gods power begin to return and threaten the world.



7 thoughts on “Europe: Bandai Namco has registered trademarks for GameCube series Baten Kaitos”

  1. I was too young when this came out on GC. I bought it but the card system put me off. Can’t wait to check it out on Switch knowing that it is made by Monolith Soft.

  2. Just to correct something, the first game Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, was released in Europe but the second game Baten Kaitos: Origins, which is a prequel, was never released in Europe. I can verify that as I have PAL GC and the game right next to me

  3. This might not mean anything but it would be awesome if both of them came to Switch as an HD remaster.

  4. This is the game that caused me to use Kalas as my main alias. Played it around the summer of 2005 but didn’t start using Kalas til sometime in 2006. I’ll take HD Remasters or remakes of them. Provided the remakes just update the 3D models & add cutscenes throughout the games that look as good as the CGI openings.

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