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Nintendo president says company is considering possible future Mini consoles

A question & answer session at today’s General Meeting of Shareholders held by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has revealed that the company is considering the possibility of more mini retro systems. Both the NES Classic Mini and the Super NES Classic Mini consoles were a massive success for Nintendo and consumers lapped them up. Mr. Furukawa says he understands the popularity of retro content and wants to deliver that in as many ways as possible, whether it is via new Classic Mini systems, Nintendo Switch Online, or other means, he clearly understands that the demand is there.

“We always want our products to be played by people of all ages, from children to adults. In fact, after being in the video game business for many years, we believe that there is now a very wide range of generations who have adopted Nintendo consoles.

“We will continue to examine the possibility of offering classic content, such as with the NES and Super NES Classic Mini series, as well as our online services, as a way of communicating the appeal of our products to different generations.”


18 thoughts on “Nintendo president says company is considering possible future Mini consoles”

  1. How about you make some MORE so most of them don’t end up just sitting in an unopened box on some asshole’s shelf.

    1. lol, how does not opening it make you an asshole? Its primary marketable purpose is as a collectible. It offers no functionality you can’t get for free on your phone or computer in seconds.

      How DARE they use the item they paid for in their preferred method for maximum enjoyment. Those bastards!

      1. You know what? That’s fair. “Asshole” isn’t the right word.

        “Idiot” is. Or “Sucker”. Maybe “brainless”?

        I mean… when I buy something I actually end up using it instead of placing it on a shelf and let the void in my soul get filled for 15 seconds until I get told by a company what is the next collector’s I need to hurry up and preorder.

        Maybe “pathetic” is the best word… Spending money on something that you can get for free on your phone or computer in seconds. Yup… pathetic.

        1. Collecting these things is not stupid or evil. You should direct that ire at the assholes who buy multiple of a system then sell it for bullshit prices on eBay. Least collectors see the true value of something & aren’t doing it for a quick, no effort buck like them. Also, direct some of it at the impatient retards that propagate it by buying the systems from these assholes in the first place instead of waiting for god damn restocks like the rest of us sensible people.

  2. N64 Classic next please, and it MUST include:

    -Super Mario 64
    -Star Fox 64
    -F Zero X
    -Mario Party 2 or 3
    -1080° Snowboarding
    -Wave Race 64
    -Mario Kart 64
    -Bomberman 64
    -Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    -Zelda: Majora’s Mask

    And, while not necessary, I’d love it to have Snowboard Kids 1 or 2, Yoshi’s Story, and Cruis’n World.

      1. Believe me, if I had any belief that Rare’s games would come to a N64 Classic, I would have also listed Diddy Kong Racing and Killer Instinct (in order to get a fighting game on there). Alas, I don’t think it could happen, so I didn’t bother listing anything by Rare.

        You’re right, though, I did forget about Kirby 64 and Smash 64.

  3. I want a Gameboy mini that includes everything from GB to GBA. It bugs me that they only put 2 games on the mini mario 35 thing. I’d think by now you can fit an emulator with a bunch of Gameboy games on a little device. But that would take away from the sales of games that aren’t available on Switch.

  4. A gamecube mini the size of a Rubik’s cube would be awesome with games;
    Mario sunshine
    Metroid prime
    Metroid prime 2
    Double dash
    Res 4
    Twilight princess
    Soul caliber 2
    Smash melee
    Viewtiful joe
    Eternal darkness
    F zero gx
    Pikmin 2
    Timesplitters 2
    Thousand year door
    And Turok evolution coz I loved that game.

    Keep dreeeeaaaaaming!

  5. I want:
    -more of these Game&Watch systems, do one as an actual collection of G&W titles for starters
    -NES Classic 2 – using the top-loader NES design, do a new system with some new and maybe returning games. Add some cool shit like EarthBound Beginnings, the official translated version of Fire Emblem 1 and Nintendo World Championship 1990.
    -N64 Classic – but only if the rights to Rare’s stuff can be acquired. Also do some crazy shit like the Earthbound 64 demo, a bunch of, if not all of the Disk Drive games and maybe some DX version of Smash 64 with new characters originally planned for that version of the game and some Rare fighters.

  6. “We always want our products to be played by people of all ages, from children to adults.”

    Best joke I’ve heard all week.

  7. How about the long-awaited N64 Mini.

    (That way, the rest of us can get some proper N64 emulation, such as Kaze Emanuar’s many rom hacks)

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