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Monster Hunter Stories 2 physical edition says it requires download of at least 15GB (could be smaller)

It seems as though those of you who have decided to purchase Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin at retail could have a fairly large download on your hands. The back of the retail box for the colourful Monster Hunter spin-off says that the game will require a download of at least 15GB. The actual download could be smaller, but it’s likely that Capcom used a cheaper and smaller cartridge for the Nintendo Switch game, meaning that the rest of the game and language data will need to be downloaded. We will find out exactly how large the download is once the game nears its release this coming Friday.


10 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Stories 2 physical edition says it requires download of at least 15GB (could be smaller)”

  1. If this turns out to be true I’ll cancel my pre-order.
    I’d have to wait for a version where the whole game is on cartridge cause I don’t buy digital games either.

    1. Capcom did this with the RE games physical releases on switch. How did anyone not see this coming lol:D
      This is crapcom we’re talking about, they never cared about quality when it came to their physical releases, look at their long line of SF re re re releases lol.
      I was just waiting for a reason not to waste money on this and they gave me one so it’s time to throw my money at something else.
      Off topic but still valid…
      Kinda waiting for THQ to announce Darksiders 3 for switch, most likely a switch pro announcement, that way I can own the entire series on one system. This is one announcement I feel will definitely happen when Nintendo release a more capable switch.

      1. Sergio Abraham Perez Cervantes

        Probably because Rise didn’t need a download? Stupid that a bigger game is in the cart but this one is not.
        Also I bet Darksiders 3 would require a download too considering the size of the game

        1. I think THQ would put up the pay for the larger cartridges to fit DS3 on, I could be wrong but I have more confidence in THQ Nordic than I have in Capcom.
          If I ever have the opportunity to create a game that people love I would wait until the game is completely finished, that means patches and dlc in all, before releasing a physical version because I truly believe in conserving vieo games.
          The reason I would do it that way is because there are older games that we wouldn’t even have access to via emulation or reboots if it weren’t for physical collectors, Sega’s entire genesis library comes to mind after learning Sega had to rely on pirated versions of their games in order to have access to their own IPs because they lost the data for the originals.

        2. Grant it, the game was still incomplete when it shipped to us. We had to wait 2 months (ver 3.0) to get the finished product.

  2. Capcom’s been pretty bad with Switch file sizes and requiring downloads for physical games. Even RE1 on Switch (a fairly short GameCube game) takes up ~15GB. For perspective, that’s larger than Xenoblade Chronicles DE, and the only game on my Switch that takes up more space is Smash Ultimate (but only with the updates/DLC).

    1. Somebody must have messed up the back of the box since 14,6 gb is the size of the digital version, almost the double of Rise, that makes more sense that just jumping to conclusions.

      1. If it’s substantially less to download, then that’s definitely better. I’m still not a fan of mandatory downloads for physical games in general though, since one day eventually the servers that host the files for these games will be shut down and these physical cartridges will be useless.

  3. literally every major release these days has subsequent patches months after release anyway, whether they be day 1 patches, content patches or QoL fixes. you’re never ever gonna get the full game on a cartridge/disc anymore unless they do a rerun years after release

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