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Sonic voice actor Roger Craig Smith says he’s here to stay

Beloved Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor Roger Craig Smith has responded to the rumour circulating that he’s only back one last time, clearly informing fans on Twitter that he’s here to stay for the long-term. At the beginning of 2021 the voice actor said that he departing from the role of Sonic the Hedgehog only to tell fans in May 2021 that he has reprised the role. Now he has told fans that he is back for good!

16 thoughts on “Sonic voice actor Roger Craig Smith says he’s here to stay”

    1. I don’t know why, but I wanna believe that Roger can pull off a great Sonic. Surely it’s all down to the direction, right? I’d say that the last good voice direction the series had was in Unleashed

      1. Wouldn’t changing your take on a character you’ve done for 10 years be like trying to break a long habit? He probably can do it, but I feel like it’d be hard to change your interpretation of a character, Idk.

        1. Well the thing for me about Roger is that I think he’s got a pretty good Sonic voice. The sarcasm and jokes work pretty well with his voice I think, but when he tries to be serious it just doesn’t sound right. I don’t think it’s necessarily a habit he needs to break. More so I’m hopeful that whenever he’s made a line that most of us consider to be bad, the person in the recording studio would have just told him that it was good enough. I’m hopeful that that sort of voice directing stops, but I kinda doubt it will despite my earlier optimism. Well, we can only hope. We’ll see what happens in the future

    2. Voice direction is a different thing than the voice actor, and Roger’s got a pretty large range. Personally, I like Sonic’s sarcastic tone, but they wouldn’t have to change his voice actor if they wanted to make him sound less sarcastic.

      1. I think I would be fine with his sarcastic tone if it didn’t sound like that the entire time. I still like his Adventure and 4Kids voice actors where he had a clear voice fluctuation depending on his moods. Maybe I shouuld hold off until there is a trailer showcasing it before voicing my opinion of it any further since it could be just the voice direction.

  1. I would love to see storm the albatross and cream the rabbit again. Travis Willingham and Michele Ruff are great voice actors.

  2. Sega probably suffered slightly from not just nailing down one guy as Sonic the way Martinet is entrenched as Mario… but it also seems they haven’t quite found anyone at his level either.

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