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VentureBeat’s interview with GungHo president sheds light on Ninjala’s success, “has a lot of drive” from Nintendo behind it

The free-to-play multiplayer action game Ninjala launched exclusively for Switch last summer, and has accumulated an impressive 7 million downloads worldwide. VentureBeat recently sat down with Kazuki Morishita, the president of GungHo Online Entertainment, to discuss the new IP post-launch, and some interesting tidbits of information have been shared within. A few noteworthy highlights can be found below, or you can click over to VentureBeat for the full interview.

  • “Download numbers grew much faster than we expected.”
  • (In regards to plans on growing the game’s audience) “One thing is regular updates, new ways of playing the game and giving players a new experience with the world of Ninjala. We’re also collaborating with other IP.”
  • “We don’t want to restrict the game to one platform, but to be honest, Ninjala goes really well with the Nintendo Switch. I don’t think that expanding to other platforms is a bad idea, but currently Ninjala has a lot of drive from Nintendo behind it, and we think the Switch is the most suitable platform at the moment.”
  • “I do think there are opportunities around merchandising and other spinoffs like manga.”
  • “The biggest thing we hear from users is they want voice chat, more ways to communicate with other people playing the game. Currently, we don’t have in-game chat, but that’s one of the biggest pieces of feedback from the community.”

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