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Gardevoir now available in Pokemon UNITE

Gardevoir is now available for players in Pokémon UNITE. The Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokemon is the first new character since the game’s launch last week and is purchasable from the UNITE Battle Committee in-game. What’s more, if players have been logging in daily since launch, they’ll also unlock the Cinderace Unite License today for free (it’s the reward for logging in for an 8th unique day in the 14-Day Welcome Gifts campaign) In addition, Pokémon has addressed an additional fix for the game overnight too.

Source: The Pokemon Company

3 thoughts on “Gardevoir now available in Pokemon UNITE”

  1. I like Gardevoir using magic leaf, mystic fire, drain kiss and psychic. I’m glad Hop, Allister and Avery don’t have one. I hate Avery even more than RadicalSoda does. I hate Hop even more than Poipole entertainment hates Goh.

    1. Agreed. The time commitment is minimal and I actually know/like the characters.
      The only thing they should do now is remove item enhancements being linked to purchasable currency.

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