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Nintendo apparently offering refunds for Sonic Colors Ultimate

sonic colors ultimate

Many gamers were looking forward to play the Nintendo Switch version of the Sonic Colors remake, Sonic Colors Ultimate. However, once the game was released, owners of the game flooded to social media to share their experiences with it and it has become apparent that the Switch version of Sonic Colors Ultimate suffers from a number of bugs and glitches. Twitter user Vex says that he contacted Nintendo for a refund and the customer service representative told him that they were aware of the issues with the game and subsequently refunded the purchase. While this might not work with all customer service reps, it seems fairly likely that the company is now aware of the widespread issues, with the Switch version in particular being the worst offender.

29 thoughts on “Nintendo apparently offering refunds for Sonic Colors Ultimate”

      1. They were laggy big time have you played them? Ori crashed 9 out 10 times for me. Nexamon has weird animations in battle.

    1. Unless I’m missing something. No more heroes 3 isn’t really buggy. It just has a few frame-rate problems in the open world. Definitely isn’t a broken game (Though I believe Nintendo should have a return policy for all their games for a short time period after you play the game)

      1. It crashed when I played it and lost 1 hour of gameplay. It happened to me when I transferred money to the ATM it just froze. So I suggest that you save often.

  1. Nothing is wrong with the game. A Sony pony used an emulator and tried to pass it off as the real game. It was not . He got caught and had to take his video down. This was all a scam. Other you tubers have been playing the whole pla through on you tube with no game breaking glitches. He even admitted on Twitter. Sony ponies are so pathetic.

  2. A few framerate problems? The doesn’t meet it 60FPS goal at all in it battle areas, and the open section have a massive frame pacing issue worse than bloodborne. That on top of the massive popin problems and looking like a game from the PS2 era.

  3. Yeah same here because this one is basically the worse that can ever happen to the series. I really don’t understand why the Sonic franchise have to suffer from this experience like this. No franchise have to suffer these types of glitches like this.

  4. One person used an emulator yes. But plenty of others have also gotten glitches.

    Also said person should be banned from reporting.

  5. No More Heroes 3 isn’t buggy. You experiencing one crash isn’t good, but it’s not really grounds for calling it a buggy game. I’ve had a few Switch games crash on me since getting it in 2017, but man, my PS5 crashes all the time. Was playing Quake on PS5, it crashed on the second-to-last level and all of my save data corrupted. Need to start over from the beginning. My XSX hasn’t had any problems whatsoever, and games crash less on my PC than on PS5.

    Back in myyyy daaaaay, when a soda cost a dollar, games almost NEVER crashed. A single crash was a big deal. Games have gotten so large and complex that crashes are a lot more acceptable, sadly.

  6. That’s funny I haven’t run with any issues in No more heroes 3 except for frame rate in the open world but that didn’t made the game unplayable.

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