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Emily Rogers says that Nintendo is working on a Metroid Prime 1 Switch remake for next year’s anniversary

Metroid prime official art work

Famed Nintendo insider, Emily Rogers, has tweeted about the long-rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch system. She believes that idea may have been scrapped, as she has heard that Nintendo has been busy working on a remake of the first Metroid Prime game for the Nintendo Switch system. The original game in the Metroid Prime series made its debut on the Nintendo GameCube back in 2002. The Metroid Prime remake is being created by the Kyoto-based company to celebrate the beloved franchise’s 20th anniversary. Emily says she isn’t completely sure if the Nintendo Switch Metroid Prime Trilogy idea has been canned, but she is under the impression that the remake of the original has replaced that idea.

19 thoughts on “Emily Rogers says that Nintendo is working on a Metroid Prime 1 Switch remake for next year’s anniversary”

  1. Seems a bit pointless to only remake 1 when it’s part of a trilogy, especially when number 4 is on the horizon. Not convinced by this

    1. A remake of any game isn’t “obvious” at all since those are rare for Nintendo compared to making new games or even porting old games. As a matter of fact, I highly doubt we’ll get a remake of Prime 1, so her statement is on the opposite spectrum of an “obvious” thing to say

  2. These insiders are infinity percent correct and they were right about the Switch pro as it definitely exist and does 60efpus, has an oilyld and has that nerdy sounding thing.

  3. I’m totally into this idea, but the word remake has multiple definitions. If we talking RE for GameCube type job, then that is a lot, so doing just 1 makes sense. If it is more simple ports then yea all 3. 2 is my least favorite, and while 3 is real good, much of the fun does rely on wii motion control. Trilogy sounds good and would make sense to give players option to play all 3 before 4 arrives, but I’d be happy with 1 dope remake.

  4. Can someone explain why so many people in games media often reference Emily Rodgers as reliable? Not being facetious, I just genuinely don’t know her history. Is she a respected journalist or something?

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