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Castlevania’s director says that “it’s very challenging to release main games of a long-term series on a regular basis”

The Castlevania series has been around for decades, and a ton of games have been released in that time span. Lately, Konami has been focusing on releasing previous entries via collections on platforms, including PC and the Nintendo Switch. As for new entries, unfortunately, it’s more complicated.

According to Castlevania director Yota Tsutsumizaki in remarks to Axios, Tsutsumizaki said that “I’m not in a position to comment on the company’s business, but in general, it is very challenging to release the main titles of a long-term series on a regular basis”. Tsutsumizaki also mentioned that “Mr. Igarashi’s retirement from Konami is not related to the prolonged interval between series releases”. As for Konami making a new Castlevania game, Tsutsumizaki said that “I think it depends on what our users say”.


8 thoughts on “Castlevania’s director says that “it’s very challenging to release main games of a long-term series on a regular basis””

  1. Where is this “regular basis” they’re referring to?

    Just copy what Dark Souls/Bloodborne does since that’s the closest thing to a modern Castlevania game

  2. ‘Depends on what our users say’
    I think everyone would be up for a new castlevania game. If only they could do something like Nintendo are doing with Metroid dread.
    I know we had the bloodstained games, but a true new 2D castlevania game would be so damn good!

  3. I hear SO much about Castlevania games that I feel as if I’ve played them. Yet I haven’t played a single one. All I ever hear about is Castlevania this and Castlevania that from some YouTubers. Especially the whole Angry Video Game Nerd clan. Even Mike Matei’s girlfriend Erin. She’s so obsessed with Castlevania that she’s almost made me sick of it. I roll my eyes when I see she’s playing a Castlevania game again. (- _ -)

    However, I did pre-order the Castlevania Collection from Limited Run Games. So maybe I’ll eventually play them and see for myself if they’re really that great, or if people are just out of their minds.

  4. Do yourself a favor collector and dont hear about castlevania instead go play the games. And if you have a DS go play the DS games on there. 3 games and best in the series.

  5. But is easy free download pirate copies :) if konami dont release all good old 2D castlevania games in one physical release 😅

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