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UK charts: Sonic Colors Ultimate arrives at No.3 & 53% of sales were on Switch

sonic colors ultimate

The latest UK physical video game software charts are now in and there were three new releases this week which entered the top ten, causing a general shift around. FIFA 22 was the best-selling new release entering the charts at No.1 as expected with only 5% of those sales being for the Nintendo Switch. This isn’t too surprising, as the Switch edition of FIFA 22 is a legacy version. However, the Switch proved to be the most popular version for SEGA’s remaster of Sonic Colors Ultimate. The Switch version initially came under fire by those who had pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe version which included early access as it contained a number of glitches and bugs which were published online for all to see. Thankfully the majority of those were patched before the physical version arrived. Here is the GfK top ten for the week ending 2nd October, 2021:

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
New Entry1FIFA 22
12Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
New Entry3Sonic Colours Ultimate
New Entry4Hot Wheels Unleashed
25Minecraft (Switch)
96Spider-Man: Miles Morales
37Animal Crossing: New Horizons
88F1 2021
69Grand Theft Auto 5
710Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury


8 thoughts on “UK charts: Sonic Colors Ultimate arrives at No.3 & 53% of sales were on Switch”

  1. Fifa and Mario Kart taking the top spots isn’t surprising in the least but I’m impressed Colours Ultimate got to third with both bad press in general and the videos of the Switch version bugging out like a Cicada in a hot Japanese summer

  2. Why is it that every month or week there is a deisgn change that is worse.
    Guys. the site is fine as it is. Leave it alone please XD

  3. and like sonic forces Sega gives Nintendo the half baked version and still they support them…that or Sonic are blind.

    1. It’s probably just Sonic fans intersecting with owning Nintendo consoles. Since Nintendo was the first system Sonic went truly third party with I’d imagine many Nintendo fans like Sonic and many Sonic fans own Nintendo systems, plus Colors was originally a Wii exclusive so I’d imagine most who’re interested would also be Nintendo gamers.
      Just a shame the games always seem to be, as you said, half baked and in this case very poorly optimized, you’d think they’d try harder for their main money makers

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