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Video: Nintendo Minute’s “2021 Nintendo Halloween costume showcase”

It isn’t surprising at all, but Nintendo has released a brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. Halloween is just a little more than a week away, so that is the focus on today’s episode. However, it doesn’t involve anything occurring in-game. If you have wanted to buy some Nintendo-themed Halloween costumes, then this episode may interest you.

Kit and Krysta said in the episode’s video description that “we’re showing you some of the super cool Nintendo Halloween costumes available this year. What are you going to be for Halloween”? You can see Nintendo of America‘s official tweet about the matter, which contains the video, down below.

3 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute’s “2021 Nintendo Halloween costume showcase””

  1. I actually wanted to go as Captain Falcon for Halloween this year, but between moving and other financial obligations, I had to hold off this year; I’ll be Robin Hood again, fourth year in a row.

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