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Shovel Knight Dig delayed until 2022, new character “Scrap Knight” revealed

shovel knight dig

Back in 2019, Yacht Club Games announced Shovel Knight Dig, the first joint collaboration project with developer Nitrome. Today, the studio has provided a long-awaited update on the platforming adventure game. Development is reportedly “going great,” but Yacht Club says they’ll need “a little more time than [their] initial projected release window.” Now set for launch sometime in 2022 for all platforms, a new character that’ll be featured in the game has been detailed in the meantime. Also set to appear in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, which is set for release on Nintendo Switch this winter, you can check out the key artwork and character description for Scrap Knight below.

“Picker in hand, Scrap Knight sorts worthy valuables for sale and keeps the truly special stuff slung over her shoulder in an enormous bag. She has spent her recent days sifting through the shifting refuse pile known as the Magic Landfill, a sorcerer’s rubbish heap located deep below the earth’s surface. The Hexcavators find her useful because she can recover most anything, but Scrap Knight has ideas of her own. Make haste when digging through her mystical junk yard, danger lurks in the clutter!”

ICYMI, Yacht Club also introduced the Shovel Knight Dig character Hive Knight back in February.

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    1. Oh I see, Hive Knight was already revealed months ago. This reveal is Scrap Knight. You might want to change the title of the article.

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