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Japan: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl sells 1.4 million boxed-copies in first 3 days, second biggest Switch launch

pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl

Japanese sales tracker Famitsu is reporting today that the recently released Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl have shifted 1,395,642 million boxed copies at retail in the first three days of the games release. This figure includes retail copies, the Pokemon double pack, and download card purchases and it does not include digital eShop sales. The only game in Japan on Nintendo Switch which had a bigger launch is Animal Crossing: New Horizons which sold 1,880,626 physical copies in its first three days. The original games on the Nintendo DS sold 1.586 million units in four days.

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22 thoughts on “Japan: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl sells 1.4 million boxed-copies in first 3 days, second biggest Switch launch”

    1. Not really that surprising. Despite the Switch’s popularity, the Nintendo DS is the best selling handheld of all time. Additionally none of the remakes sold as well as their original counterparts. The Ruby and Sapphire remakes being the closest from outselling their originals only missing the mark by 1.76 million units.

      I’m actually surprised Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl sold as well as it did, considering its a lazy uninspired port with visuals that would be passable on the Gamecube and plays it too safe rather than taking advantage of the hardware the game was released on. Seriously, this game almost looks like a college project rather than a celebrated remake by the most lucrative company in the entertainment industry.

              1. Gotta love how everyone is quick to point out a mistake rather than focus on the topic. I assume people agree with me as my silly blunder accidently calling this a port is getting more attention than the actual message I was trying to get across.

                1. “People calling you out for inaccuracies = people agreeing with you”???
                  That’s sure is some great logic you’ve got right there.

                  And no, I don’t agree with a lot of what you’ve said. I’ve actually grown to like the game’s visuals, despite hating them when they were first revealed.
                  It reminds me of the chibi style they used for the Link’s Awakening remake, which also happenes to be extremely faithful to the original.

                  1. That was a joke poking fun at the fact that a simple mistake was getting more attention than the comment itself. Please don’t take my sarcasm too seriously.

                    I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, art is subjective. Just because I think it looks lazy and uninspired I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I personally think this level of detail looks more like a Gamecube game. The textures on things like rocks for example look very pixelated when the camera zooms in when your character is engaging in conversation and it doesn’t live up to my expectations I have on the Switch. It doesn’t need to be BOTW visuals to wow me, but this visual style just isn’t doing it for me. Even in battle character models look about Wii quality at best.

                    Also, I wasn’t a big fan of Link’s Awakening’s art style either. A faithful recreation doesn’t need to be 1 for 1. Also not a fan of the chibi design (which again goes hand in hand with that 1 for 1 recreation I was talking about). But again I realize that’s just my opinion and others might not all agree with me.

                    Graphics aren’t everything, but to a degree they do matter. Sword and Shield got a lot of flack for their visuals, but I would have been happier if these games looked more like those game tbh. Other remakes in the past used the better visual style used on the mainline games previously released on the same hardware, so not sure why this is the generation they had to be faithful recreations essentially downgrading the experience (again, in my opinion).

          1. Exactly as Claire said.
            You literally called them ports on your comment lmao.
            Maybe try actually reading what you’re typing before commenting next time?

            1. As if you’ve never made a typing mistake before…
              I proof read everything before I post it. But nobody is perfect and an error can slip through the cracks with literally everyone. Seriously grow up! This avalanche of comments because of one mistake I made is ridiculous.

              1. This “avalanche” of comments wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t since claimed to have not used the term “port” in your original comment, despte it very clearly being there.

                It wasn’t a big deal, and the only one making a big deal out of this is you lmao, who seems to have taken major offense to being called out for saying something inaccurate.

                1. Oh my god dude, let it go already! I literally laughed it off the very next comment and agreed I made a mistake. Its actually kind of funny that I reread my comment again and somehow missed the word port a second time before trying to claim I didn’t actually make the mistake (only to have Claire point out exactly where it was in the following message).

                  So I not only made a mistake, but I also couldn’t find my mistake when I reread my previous post before trying to prove I didn’t call it a port. In hindsight I think it was funny, why do you have such a hard time shrugging this off, lol.

                  This is my last post here cause I have better things to do than to sit here for an hour debating about a silly mistake that I already admitted to several posts ago. Hope the rest of your day is enjoyable. Later!

                  1. Uh, really not sure why you’re insinuating that I’m the one dragging this out when you’re literally the one who’s been escalating it rather than “letting it go” to begin with, but okay lol.
                    Whatever helps you feel better I guess.

                    And you literally sent a comment that was aimed at me, so I replied to it. Why is that a difficult concept for you to grasp?

      1. I don’t find it surprising. SWSH has proven that the brand is too strong to be hindered by bad news of any sort, and the majority of people will say you “expect too much” if all you want is some more battle facilities in the post game. It’s offensive to have standards now.

    2. The Switch no doubt beat it after all this numbers does not included digital versions bought through eshop. It is only 100,000 behind and the DS didn’t have Pokémon games digitally.

  1. This amount of sales almost beat off Pokémon Sun and Moon. I know GameFreak didn’t develop this which I get that, but some people still dislike the character forms that is really disappointing towards some fans which explains why DCLA are new to the franchise they developed for a new game.

    1. I guarantee you the people buying this game are excitedly doing so. The people complaining are in the minority.

  2. I willing to admit some of the flaws. Elite four is too difficult. Single use TM’s. Wonder Trade not working. Pokemon home not ready. Ramanas park legendary hunts are tedious (don’t care about shiny pokemon I just want their base colors on pearl). Mysterious shards and heart scales are too rare.

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