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Digimon Survive has now been rated by the ESRB

Digimon survive

Digimon Survive was announced quite a while ago, but it has unfortunately suffered numerous delays. The last delay was back in October when we were told by the developers at Bandai Namco that the game has been pushed back to 2022. Today, we have learned that Digimon Survive has been rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and has been given a Teen rating.

Rating Summary:

This is a visual novel, with strategy/role-playing game elements, in which players follow Japanese teenagers lost in a world of monsters. As players follow the storyline, they periodically engage in turn-based battles using Digimon (monsters with special powers/abilities). As human and Digimon characters move around grid-like battlefields, players select attack moves/skills from a menu and watch short animations of monsters executing moves. Attacks can include kicking, biting, blasts of energy, and elemental bursts. One cutscene briefly depicts a still image of a bloodstained corpse. Out of a variety of attack moves, Digimon can perform a Poop Toss, which is depicted as a cartoony poo coil thrown at opponents, and is accompanied by squishy sound effects. The words “sh*t,” “b*tch,” and “p*ssed” appear in the dialogue.


3 thoughts on “Digimon Survive has now been rated by the ESRB”

  1. Only had this on preorder for 4 years now .. we better be getting randomized promo card game decks with this… XD

    1. there’s no card mechanic in the game and they are not going to package the game with promo cards for the new digimon card game

  2. Been looking forward to this for a while now. It’s good that you guys here keep such a close eye on this game! Would have forgotten this long ago if it wasn’t for you guys x)

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