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Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp 1+2 rated in Australia

advance wars switch

The remasters of the classic Advance Wars games for the Nintendo Switch system have been rated in Australia. Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp 1+2 were given a PG rating for Parental Guidance. The games were meant to be released this month, but they were recently pushed back to a tentative Spring 2022 release. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a firm release date from WayForward and Nintendo.


3 thoughts on “Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp 1+2 rated in Australia”

  1. I’m still surprised Intelligent Systems didn’t do the remaster but I’m glad it got a remaster from WayForward.

  2. I’ve been playing the GBA original AW on Wii U. It’s fun but I forgot two things:

    It’s difficult
    I suck at these games, forgetting what units can do what and attack what (“let’s move this sub here and dive it, ohhhhhhhh I forgot battleships can still torpedo dived subs” (sub gets annihilated)).

    I’ll totally still get Re-Boot Camp once it releases to help support the AW community and the series so it shows Ninty that it’s worth it to support their neglected franchises.

  3. I can’t believe this game is getting revived. I used to play this game a lot during my teen years like staying up all night and became drawn to the story and gameplay.

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