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Banjo Kazooie coming to Switch Online + Expansion Pack members in January

banjo kazoo switch online

The acclaimed 3D platformer Banjo Kazooie will be arriving in January for those of you subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. Rare’s beloved Nintendo 64 game is a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack which has received a fair amount of criticism when it launched. Paper Mario 64 launched yesterday for the paid online service.

44 thoughts on “Banjo Kazooie coming to Switch Online + Expansion Pack members in January”

    1. I guess the newbie here is going to bootlick every article that has the online expansion mention in it , you guys heard dregan you not only allowed to expressed any criticism towards Nintendo as it is deemed as hate 🙂.

      1. I’m playing Paper Mario from my Expansion Pass and I love every minute of it. Waiting for Banjo Kazooie next… How you doin’?

      2. I remember this site used to be full of those “nintendo quadraxis” or whatever people where they defended anything and everything. Probably the same guy, but just gave up that persona and just tried to defending them like a “normal person”.

        It’s a crap service that no one should really defend because it just opens more doors for poor services. You can not like it and play the games if you want to but at least voice an opinion against it to argue for a more sensible price. a $30 jump for some sega and nintendo games is really stupid.

        1. $30 jump for Sega and 64 games is too steep, agree. Should have just added it to the current service along with other improvements/additions and up the price slightly. They should still also release an N64 mini, but that likely will never happen now.

          1. IMO, I don’t mind paying a subscription for VC if they:

            make the price reasonable, if not, see #2
            Add more than just NES, SNES, and N64 games. Gamecube and Wii games are long overdue, the Wii came out like 15 years old.
            Make a way for your games/subscriptions to not be tied to your console so that when a new console comes out, we aren’t forced to let all that time, money and video games go.

            I would prefer the games just be available for sail individually but this world is subscription based. If they’re gonna be stubborn and not change the model then they could at least make it look more attractive.

            It makes it worse because I think they justify this $50 price range because the basic internet service is $20 a year, which makes no sense because nintendo doesn’t even have dedicated servers, we are paying to connect directly to other peoples consoles. The internet quality isn’t even that good and only recently does a switch console even come with an ethernet port. We’ve experienced no change from paying vs when it was free. So this price hike for some old games makes it even more insane.

        2. Proportionally, going from $19.99 to $49.99 just to play N64 & Genesis games is steep from a percentage standpoint. However, the people crying about $30/yr, $2.50/month, $0.08/day being too expensive should probably either get a better job or stop spending money on video games all together.

              1. And you’ll lose access to the games included in the expansion pass when they decide to shutdown the servers. Mario Kart 8 will still be playable with your friends even when its online services aren’t running.

    1. Why does everyone keep saying the pass cost $50 a year. The pass cost $30 a year. The normal online service is $20. I’m not saying there’s enough content yet to justify the $30 but at least be accurate in your complaints.

      1. People also complain for receiving one game per month when they already released 9 games at launch. Complainers gonna complain I guess.

        1. Simply put. Nintendos online service is completely archaic. For the year, we are in. The cost of 50 bucks for a service that is way behind pre xbox360 days is terrible.

        1. I think I would probably enjoy it if they improved the online play because that was the main reason why I subscribed, and if the NES and SNES collections have glaring first party omissions then I don’t expect this to feel like a “complete” collection either which is what I look forward to in a subscription service of this kind. I can understand why some people may enjoy this because they’re solid games, but I just expect more to be done when this is $30 extra.

    1. Lol their you go again with the “we” stop trying to represent the majority because majority of us know this service is a rip off especially with how the service is currently shaping out to be, I’m not explaining this reasoning again, also he’s not “disappointed” with how we spend our money (shinygold2 could careless about how you like to spend it anyway) he’s disappointed with how Nintendo treats their customers, theirs a big difference bud.

    2. I might fire up my copy of Banjo Kazooie today. Or not. Luckily, I own it indefinitely and don’t have to pay a yearly fee to have it so there’s no rush to play it.

    3. Where am I expressing disappointment in how you’re choosing to spend your money in this thread? I’m actually disappointed in how you’re trying to silence those who you don’t agree with, and that’s why you’re being mocked.

      1. I’m not trying to silence anyone. I just enjoy the games. I’m sure most of you, complainers, don’t even have the Expansion pack. You just want it to be cheaper and I can understand that. Hope Nintendo will decrease the price for this so everybody can be happy

        1. I think the price point is one of the issues people may have with it, but the internet connectivity and pace they’re putting out these games is an issue as well. If they’re only going to be adding games to the N64 service for 2 years like what they did with the SNES and NES apps then one game per month isn’t going to cut it.

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