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Rumour: Persona 3 Portable remaster in development

persona 3 portable

Rumours are circulating that Atlus is working on a remaster of Persona 3 Portable. Persona 3 Portable first appeared on the PlayStation Portable. The news was shared by Zippo, the very same leaker that announced the remaster of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, which was announced and revealed during The Game Awards on Thursday. Atlus is currently celebrating the Persona series 25th anniversary.


10 thoughts on “Rumour: Persona 3 Portable remaster in development”

  1. Can the new Persona 4 Arena even be considered a “remaster”? It looks more like a direct port of the game to me, no new content or major visual changes or anything.

    This rumour makes me uneasy tbh, Persona 3 deserves much more than just a simple upscaled port of it’s buggy, unpolished PSP port. It deserves a full remake to bring the best aspects of its various versions together in a single game.

    1. Same, i kinda liked P3P but i wasn’t fan of the lack of overworld like the PS2 version. I understand it was a limitation of the PSP but i hope if they ever bring Persona 3 to current consoles it’s a full remake or at least a remaster of P3FES but with the P3P content added.

      1. I liked Portable too for the most part, but it’s got waaay too many issues to be considered the definitive edtion of the game that’s worthy of a port. The lack of an overworld like you mentioned, downgraded graphics, no “The Answer”, a lack of difficulty adjustment for the “Direct Command” tactic they added and metric TONNE of bugs and mistakes.
        You can really tell the port was rushed.

        Honestly I think if they were to add all the Portable content to FES they may as well just remake the whole game at that point.
        That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. As much as I love P3’s story and character’s, there’s certain aspects of the gameplay that need to be modernized and a remake would be a perfect oppertunity to do that.
        But this is modern-day ATLUS we’re talking about here, so I only expect the lowest effort port with minor upscaling, no bug fixes and certainly no new content. They’ve already disapointed everyone with the 25th anniversary content so far and I don’t expect things to get better.

        God I hope I’m wrong though.

  2. Portable? Jesus, asking for a port of any Atlus game seems to be a horrid monkeys paw.
    Catherine on current gen? Enhanced port for PS4 and Switch, old port for PC for some reason
    TMS on Switch? Everyone gets the censored version.
    P4G on SOMETHING other than the Vita? Steam only
    P5 on a non-PS system? Only the Sequel
    And now instead of Persona 3 FES it’s portable
    It’s like they hate money

    1. Calling it, when they do finally get around to porting P5 to other consoles and PC, they’ll only port vanilla P5 instead of Royal despite the fact that it makes zero sense to do so.

      Because that’s just how modern-day ATLUS operates.

  3. Rather have a FES port, its easier for people to mod direct command in, overall its the better version after playing both. However the female route was really good for a second playthrough, I really want them to combine both versions to finally create a definitive version, but I think ATlus will disappoint.
    I don’t hate P3P, but I found the story telling to be lacking in that version, as the lack of cutscenes and expressions really made certain moments hit a lot less.

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