Bandai Namco has filed trademarks for “Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series” in Canada & Europe

It is not just Nintendo that file trademarks. Other video gaming companies such as Bandai Namco will also, from time to time, file some trademarks of their own for similar reasons. In fact, for a couple of years now, Bandai Namco has been filing multiple trademarks relating to the Klonoa series.

The latest example of this trend has been discovered earlier today. Bandai Namco has filed trademarks for “Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series”. Usually, these trademarks are filed in Japan. However, this trademark was filed in Canada, as well as in Europe. It is another sign that Klonoa remasters may be on the way soon.



  1. It would be a good time as any to port all games to currently supported hardware. I can see them selling decently on Switch.

  2. Similar to Crash Bandicoot whom of course is already here, Klonoa would be a fantastic addition to Nintendo Switch as he just has that “Nintendo Charm” to him despite not being made by Nintendo.

  3. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can get too excited yet without an official announcement. Trademarks and all that get filed all the time more out of IP renewals more than anything. Still, it would be really exciting!

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