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People are already streaming Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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A few early retail copies of the upcoming new Pokemon adventure, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, have been sold by an unknown retailer before the actual release date next Friday. It seems as though a few people who received the game early have uploaded the game to illegal ROM sites, which means that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now playable via an emulator. Some of those who have downloaded the ROMs have been freely live streaming the game on Twitch and as I type there are people online playing through it and streaming the full game to a small number of viewers. As we mentioned previously the game is out there in the wild so it is going to be hard for Pokemon fans to avoid the spoilers online.


Thanks to sonicgalaxy27 for sending us the news tip!

11 thoughts on “People are already streaming Pokemon Legends: Arceus”

  1. Man, these people and streamers never learn to be patient for the official game release. I understand their passion for the Pokémon franchise, but getting more money and followers in every hour for streaming the leak copies of the game is unacceptable. Like I said. Some things like these never change.

  2. I’m not defending the people pirating the game but… I never understood how you could have “spoilers” for a Pokemon game.

    1. I’m one of the people who doesn’t want to see any spoilers. I like to discover everything by myself including the new mons. If you play Pokémon you should try this one day, it changes your experience completely.

        1. From my understanding of Pokémon it’s more like how you’d get attached to any other fictional character. You don’t expect to like any specific character going into a brand new book, but something about them sticks out to you regardless. With Pokémon you make a team with those characters. You don’t necessarily need to know every character before you play to make a good team for your own enjoyment, so going in completely blind won’t hinder that overall enjoyment. So to answer the question, yeah I thinks about right. Whenever you go into any fictional world I think one would hope to find a character that they enjoy since liking a character within that world would help the person reading/playing/watching get more easily attached to the world as well.

          But I’m just spitballing here tbh. I was never one who cared for Pokémon’s style of gameplay. I prefer having fully defined characters and arcs in my party instead of purely visual attachment for the party (meaning you think the Pokémon looks cool, cute, etc.), but even then I could be wrong. My point is I’m an outsider, and now I’m rambling lol. Hope my outsider explanation helped though

          1. I get what you’re saying but I don’t know if that applies to Pokemon so much. Pokemon is literally just data with no personality (despite what you’re willing to imagine). So, most of determines what 6 you will pick for your team is a combination of how cool you think they look and/or how useful they will be to your party (This is generally speaking. There are certain self-imposed pokemon challenges that can determine how your party is selected).

            I feel like this might be a generational thing to me since I’m old school and from the time when Pokemon games weren’t releasing globally on the same day so you could be pretty familiar with the new generation Pokemon.

            I’d also add that Pokemon just doesn’t have stories worth spoiling imo. The 3 goals have remained the same throughout all the games… become the Champion, fill the Pokedex, and defeat Team Bad Guy.

            I will concede that Arceus seems to be a new thing so, aside from filling a Pokedex (or similar catalogue), it’s hard to say what other aspects/goals the game has so yeah… I can see how that might be spoilers for this game.

  3. Some of us like discovering things/ seeing new stuff. Even in a pokemon game there are new characters, new pokemon or new forms, “plot twists”. That’s why I disliked that in some of the past generations they showed almost all pokemon before the launch of the game

    1. you talking about the retailers or the customers? It’s not their fault when they get their hands on the game far too early. So it’s reasonable for me that they stream their early access game to generate as much views as possible from their streams. I probably would have done the same in their situation

      1. +Mister
        Pretty sure the laws of embargo straight up make it illegal to stream/upload video games prior to their releases.
        Even the people that receive review codes ahead of the game’s release have to abide by that.

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