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New Pokemon Legends: Arceus 13 minute gameplay overview trailer

The Pokémon Legends: Arceus game is arriving soon! As excitement builds for this grand new Pokémon adventure, which launches for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on Jan. 28, Trainers are eager for more details about the journey that awaits them in the Hisui region.

Check out the new video for the game below to learn about additional gameplay details and get whisked away to a land with expansive natural majesty where Pokémon roam freely.


9 thoughts on “New Pokemon Legends: Arceus 13 minute gameplay overview trailer”

    1. After actually watching it… I don’t know. The gameplay looks like it’s going to be repetitive (especially when you gotta catch multiple types of the same Pokemon). The only thing that really looks like it could be interesting is the battle system. It doesn’t seem as easy as normal Pokemon and has, at least, some layer of strategy now (although I kinda dislike ATB systems).

      At any rate, it looks like a game that could benefit from another year of development to insert more ideas and polish it up.

      1. Those new ideas will be for the inevitable Pokémon Legends: Ho-Oh.

        Whilst the game looks good, I wish we could’ve got real-time battles instead of still turn-based.

        1. I mean… it’s ATB so it’s the closest thing you’ll get to real-time Pokemon battles where the player doesn’t control the Pokemon.

  1. I hope Arceus 2 is currently in the works. Oh what am I thinking. This is Game Freak not Nintendo. Of course it is. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the game not getting a sequel until 2042.

    1. Umm… I feel like Kirby is in the top 3 of Nintndo IPs that regularly get games these days… And they aren’t even remakes. It’s very weird to assume that the series is going to go on some long hiatus after Forgotten Land.

      Does that make sense to you?

  2. I will stab the fictional pokemon character Avery with a kitchen knife. I hate him for replacing Klara on pokemon shield. #AverySucks

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